Comfort Diner Loses Their Lease After 14 Years

Comfort Diner closes on 45th St

Walked past the Comfort Diner yesterday (on 45th btw. 2nd+3rd) and discovered that they lost their lease last week! The just out bounds diner may not have been the destination for many Midtown Lunch’ers but they did make a mean grilled cheese (Lunch’er Liz agrees with me!) and apparently a decent milkshake as well. Thankfully they’ve found a new space on 44th btw. Lex+3rd and will (hopefully) be reopening in a month. Who knows? Maybe their new spot will invigorate them after their 14-year-long grip on the same old, same old!

The teary eyed farewell letter is after the jump…

Comfort Diner moving to 44th bet 3rd and Lex


  • Pretty good diner (much better than John’s on 44th and 2nd). I live around the corner. That block is losing everything with Bayan Cafe gone too. I wonder which storefront they’ll be opening in on 44th and 3rd.

  • Who is Amy Cao?

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    Thank goodness they are not completely closed!! My favorite breakfast place!

  • “Pretty good diner” — are you nuts? Comfort Diner is a crappy, wanna-be-trendy overpriced craphole with lousy food and even lousier service. Ask me after a few drinks and I’ll tell you how I *really* feel. The location on 23rd street closed down a while ago, and all I can say is good riddance. I’m sad t see they’ll be reopening this one, not that I’ll ever stop in there.

    Seriously, there at=re many really good diners around the city. Comfort Diner is not one of them. It’s the Big Daddy’s of diners–not a compliment.

  • There wass one on 23rd between 5th and 6th too that closed a few years ago. The food was decent, but it was pricey plus had VERY shitty service. I wasn’t surprised they failed at that location, and if it’s the same owner, I can’t imagine anything he does will be any better until he hires quality staff and cuts prices.

  • NYCgirl, you should check around–there are actually some GOOD diners out there. ALthough not in the same ‘hood, Malibu Diner (23rd St just east of 7th Ave) has great food and service. I’d be surprised if there were no decent diners further east.

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    Agree with stevenp, this place sucked from day one. Even though I live only a block away, I went twice and that was it for me. Overpriced, overhyped, mediocre food, lousy service.
    It is better than Johns on 44th and 2nd but that place is (literally) a roach trap!
    Nations Cafe on 49th & 1st is better than either of these two.

  • Thanks Zach…..hey! She’s the one who called me out! :-)

  • Hey, I can get an awesome grilled cheese at home, and I don’t have to pay $12 to have it prepared and served with a sh1tty attitude.

    (Yes, I’ve gad a few drinks now, part of my voyage where I just got back to NYC–still in a cab–from Florida even though I was *supposed* to arrive yesterday evening!)

  • Hey, Steven P. Chuck09, I can make A+ wings at home too, but I don’t go around town rating them :p

    Some people like doing that thing, whats it called, oh yeah, eating when they aren’t at home :)

    (that said, if someone’s paying $12 for grilled cheese, I think you have every reason to mock them)

  • So to sum – no one likes 12 dollar grilled cheese sandwiches, but stevenp (who can apparently afford to take a cab from Florida to NYC) can certainly afford them (for all of us).

  • I said pretty good, and that was in comparison to John’s. It’s absolutely nothing special, and I usually make breakfast at my apt anyway. Definitely overpriced too, but that’s the area.

  • Geez. This was a pretty specific comment. Yes, restaurants make many good dishes that are not easy to prepare. But a grilled cheese sandwich is just 2 pieces of bread with cheese and a little butter, flipped over on a hot pan. Not rocket science, and it will cost well under a buck with even the best cheese and take just a few minutes to prepare (even in a typical tiny NYC kitchen). My point is, if the only thing good about Comfort Diner is a decent grilled cheese, then it is still a place to be avoided. WHy pay out the nose for something that you can easily make better yourself, and avoid their crappy service? If you’re eating out (ADAM), there are far better places to eat at for any type of food.

    BTW, Fred, the cab ride from Florida isn’t so bad, but the tip is a killer.

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