Ask Midtown Lunch: Best Milkshake in Midtown?

Sent to the old Inbox this morning…

Where can I get a great milkshake in midtown? I’ve tried every Mr Softee and imitation truck around and find they’re all not thick enough and doused with vanilla syrup. Goodburger makes a decent shake, but I’m looking for something great, it is nearly summer after all. -Matt

Well Matt, you may be disappointed to hear this, but I’ve never had a milkshake in Midtown.  I think my reasoning is this… if I drank milkshakes at lunchtime, I would weigh 10,000 pounds.  It’s just science.  ”No Milkshake Rule” = Zach is still alive.  So for this one, I’ll have to turn it over to readers.  Got a rec for Matt?  Post it in the comments below…

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  • Try Zip burger, its probably the best in midtown. Also, johnny rockets has a pretty good shake.

  • Island Burgers and Shakes is pretty good, thick as hell.

  • Johnny Rockets.

  • SHACK OF SHAKE!!!!! (Shake Shack)

    Spent 80 minutes waiting for my flatop dog (split, grilled, sauteed onions and their homemade cheese sauce), cheese fries, a double cheese burger…. yum. and a CARAMEL CUSTARD SHAKE!!!!

  • btw that was last night waiting over an hour, I placed my order @ 8:45 and got my food just after 9. Worth it though.

  • It happens to the best of us. I went down that almost daily milkshake time in my life about 8 years ago when I first started working in Manhattan….Put on 40lbs that year… more milkshakes for me. Still have about 25 of those pounds 8 years later.

  • Goodburger does a pretty mean shake.

  • Two suggestions, one in the zone, one outside:

    - ‘wichcraft on 42nd does a nice one. Have not had it this season yet but last year it ruled.

    - Further afield, you need to try the one at the Ronneybrook Dairy inside the Chelsea Market. They make the best milk in creation, so no surprise their milkshake is superb as well.

    As previously mentioned, anyone who loves a shake made with frozen custard needs to ge t to Shake Shack. The shake and the shackburger are their two signature products and deservedly so – both are phenomenal.

  • Island Burger is the best, super thick. If you get a malted it is super malty.

    Zip Burger “Tahitian Vanilla” shake is yummy.

  • Zach, depriving yourself of milkshakes for so long clearly deserves a treat….namely the Mount Everest of milkshakes a.k.a. the $12 (!) one-liter (!!!) milkshake at F.A.O. Schwarz. I checked – they have a defibrillator


  • I second the shake at Johnny Rockets….very good. Jackson Hole has a pretty decent milkshake from what I remember.

    This is out of bounds but the shakes at BLT Burger are worth the trip. Everything is good there – one of my favorite spots in the city. Have to try the twinkie carmel milkshakre – unreal. They also have spiked milkshakes. GET SOME!!!!

  • what about the parker meridian burger joint? don’t they do a pretty good shake?

  • guanabana shake at margon!

  • NY City Milkshake on the East Side is great! Just tried it a few weeks ago, worth every calorie.

  • My co-workers swears by the milkshake at Burger Heaven (49st btwn Madison and 5th Ave), they say it is REALLY good. :o)

  • I love the shakes from Island Burger. Especially the malts. Mmmm.

  • The Stand is the best — thick, luscious, and delicious. I’ve tried the shakes at Island Burger, Goodburger, Shake Shack, BRGR, and Mr. Softee. The Stand uses Il Laboratorio’s gelato, so it’s not surprising it’s amazing.

  • Thanks for all the suggestions, should keep me busy for a week or 2.

    ez feast: I have a guanabana shake from Margon every week (or mamey when they’re out of guanabana). But I never really thought of it as much fo a dessert shake since there’s no ice cream in it.

  • In addition to those already mentioned, I dig the shakes at Lucky’s Famous Burgers. They’re mighty thick and delicious.

    Also, the “Imagine Whirled Peace Shake” at Ben and Jerry’s is pretty damned tasty (although you have to say “imagine whirled peace” aloud when you order it, and the shame/humiliation almost kills the whole experience).

    I’m also a fan of going with the cheap seats, and rocking a frosty at Wendy’s… if you hit up the lady in the rockefeller concourse with the coupons for a “free junior frosty with ANY purchase,” you can get two junior frosties for the price of one, all for the delcious low price of $1.07 (after tax).

    my buddy alex and i discovered this loop hole in Wendy’s coupon system some time ago and have been taking them to the cleaners ever since. so start shorting wendy’s now. believe me, they’re going down.


    45th bet. 2nd and 3rd. If you don’t work at the UN, it’s a hike, but well worth it. Enough fuel (re: fat and sugar) to keep you going for hours…and hopefully you wake up afterwards, but I’m not promising anything.

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