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Make Sure to Get the Fries at Comfort Diner

Comfort Diner Last year we had informed you that Comfort Diner (45th btw 2+3rd Ave) had lost their lease and was planning to relocate but then it didn’t. Then all was quiet until this May when fellow Lunch’er Maria told us that she had spotted the Comfort Diner opened in it’s old spot once more.

Comfort Diner has always been stuck in the back of my head because a coworker is pretty much in love with it. Recently I found few more coworkers saying positive things about it as well. I know what most of you think about Comfort Diner so I was hesitant in checking it out.

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Half off Comfort Diner: Comfort Diner (on 45th btw. 2+3rd) returned earlier this year after a short brush with extinction, and if you haven't been back since it reopened here's the perfect opportunity. Get $20 worth of food and drinks at Comfort Diner for just $10 through InBundles.

Comfort Diner is Back Open?: A little over a year ago the Comfort Diner (on 45th btw. 2+3rd) lost its lease, and Crain's reported that it was closed down for good.  Well, yesterday Lunch'er Maria sent word that it has reopened (she passes by it every day on her way to work.)  Great news for grilled cheese and milkshake fans.

Crain’s Says Comfort Diner is Gone For Good

On Wednesday we reported that Comfort Diner had closed, and was moving to 44th btw. Lex+3rd, but according to Crain’s there’s no space on that block for them to move into.  A commenter claimed it was going to take the place of an already existing cafe on the south side of the block, but the only thing that really fits the bill is Benvenuto Grill. There is a Chipotle next door that is a similar size to Benvenuto (and which could accommodate a whole diner) but that place always looks more busy than Benvenuto ever does. I guess we’ll see what happens!

Comfort Diner Loses Their Lease After 14 Years

Comfort Diner Loses Their Lease After 14 Years

Comfort Diner closes on 45th St

Walked past the Comfort Diner yesterday (on 45th btw. 2nd+3rd) and discovered that they lost their lease last week! The just out bounds diner may not have been the destination for many Midtown Lunch’ers but they did make a mean grilled cheese (Lunch’er Liz agrees with me!) and apparently a decent milkshake as well. Thankfully they’ve found a new space on 44th btw. Lex+3rd and will (hopefully) be reopening in a month. Who knows? Maybe their new spot will invigorate them after their 14-year-long grip on the same old, same old!

The teary eyed farewell letter is after the jump…

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