Crain’s Says Comfort Diner is Gone For Good

On Wednesday we reported that Comfort Diner had closed, and was moving to 44th btw. Lex+3rd, but according to Crain’s there’s no space on that block for them to move into.  A commenter claimed it was going to take the place of an already existing cafe on the south side of the block, but the only thing that really fits the bill is Benvenuto Grill. There is a Chipotle next door that is a similar size to Benvenuto (and which could accommodate a whole diner) but that place always looks more busy than Benvenuto ever does. I guess we’ll see what happens!

Comfort Diner Loses Their Lease After 14 Years


  • I tried the 8.95 salmon burger at Benvenuto Grill last week on Friday. Not a bad portioned burger but they forgot the tartar sauce and lemon and it was slightly fishy. I’d suggest that you avoid the “Air Fried Fries” at all costs. They are basically cardboard.

  • Good riddance?

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