Food Truck Crackdown Confirmed by the Times

We’ve been covering the big food truck crackdown in Midtown for weeks now, but there is something extra disheartening about seeing it in the paper of record.  Today’s New York Times devotes a full article to the news, complete with interviews of the Treats Truck and Rickshaw Dumpling.


  • This just sucks, but typical of a city where the mayor is more concerned about his image than what might be good for the city. I used lower case for Mayor because I have NO respect for Bloomberg now or ever before.

  • Bloomberg can’t overturn the law. If you owned a restaurant, in this economy you’d probably complain as well. Unless there is a wellspring of political support, the trucks are screwed.

  • What is next? Do you now go after the carts that are all over midtown. Where will it stop. What is wrong with competition anyway? It certainly makes it better for the consumer. If there was no competition, I can only guess at just how bad it might be
    to try and eat in midtown. MacDonalds and Burger Rats would be everywhere.

  • I think we should start contacting senators and flooding the Public Advocate’s office with emails and calls asking them to pick up the fight to get this overturned. We just need one sponsor to get this moving.

  • So let me get this straight… the city licenses the vendors/trucks but the law does not allow them to sell their product from anywhere? What am I missing? Where are these vendors legally allowed to sell?

  • I commend the police efforts with respect to the Rickshaw Dump Truck (saving unwary and/or clueless ML’ers and tourists from a horrible fate), but they should chill wrt the rest of the trucks.

  • @ESNY there are loads of laws on the books that are rarely enforced. Technically speaking, you’d be stuck vending near ballparks, or on local streets.

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