Is 50th and 6th Becoming Too Hot As Well?

Line of Trucks on 50th view 1

Yesterday we noted that several trucks have had trouble parking off 6th ave on both 51st and 52nd streets, but as Lunch’r “locondcoco” pointed out in the comments:

Well, clearly 50th btw 6th & 7th isnt a problem. 4 trucks lined back to back there today! (Desi, Big D’s, Sweetery and CrepeTruck).  As sad as I am that these trucks wont be right outside the office anymore, a rather short walk to 50th I can deal with.

But how long can this last?

Carts on the south side of 50th

Recently I celebrated my eighth year as a Rock Center Lunch’er and I can honestly say (and please do correct me in the comments if I’m wrong) that until the Desi Food Truck started parking outside the Time Life Building on 50th, I can’t ever remember that being a “truck stop.” Sure there were (and are) plenty of hot dog/pretzel/halal carts on the south side of the street. The Daisy May’s BBQ cart and Sombrero cart used to park on the south side. And occasionally you’d see a Red Soft Serve Truck in a spot on the south side of the street as well, but the North side? Never.

Hat trick for 50th street

Last week, I went by and there were three trucks parked out front (the Crepe Truck, Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck, and Bian Dang Truck).

Line of trucks on 50th view 2

And, as seems to be trend these days, yesterday sure enough the number had grown to four trucks, all parked back-to-back. Between the number of trucks and the crowd of people waiting for food I couldn’t even get a good angle on a photo that would show them all in a row (hence the two views above). It was like a mini-food truck rally.

We haven’t heard anything about this spot blowing up, so don’t get too worried just yet. But as a midtown west luncher, while I’m always happy to have more lunch options, this sort of density concerns me. With warm weather ahead that’s bound to bring massive sidewalk snarling lines, I hope everything remains friendly between the vendors and the building tenants on 50th and 6th.


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    I work overlooking this block and I can safely say that there have been lunch trucks parking there for at least the last 3 years. this website has even posted about them parking there, many times.

  • Brownie, i think Cravings was the first truck to park there. They relocated their monday spot to 50th after 48th & 6th got banned. Desi just parks there daily, as opposed to once/wk.

    thanks for the shout by the way!

    • I forgot about NYC Cravings parking here. When they started work on their brick and morter, didn’t they take the truck off the road for a while? I guess b/c Desi parks almost daily they are more visible in that spot.

  • Sweetery use to park there often as well, when it was known as Street Sweets.

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