Treats Truck Decides to Leave Midtown Under Pressure From the Police

It seems as if the ramp up in police pressure on the food trucks of Midtown has claimed its first permanent victim. The Treats Truck sent out this unbelievably sad email to their followers this morning:

To my dear customers,

We will not be midtown for the time being. The police have let us know that they no longer want food trucks in the midtown area. Two of our spots dear to our hearts (and our first two regular spots since the early days) have been 45th & 6th Ave and 38th & 5th Ave. We have so many wonderful regulars, and you all have made serving you such a pleasure. We are so sad to have to take our truck elsewhere. We hope to be able to return someday. For now, we cannot. We wish we could. You have all made the past four years very special. You can always order for delivery for your offices or come by our new spots. You can call to find out where we are each day.

Thank you for all our years midtown. We hope to be back when it is allowed. We’ll miss you very much. I’ll miss you very much, and thank you for making my Treats Truck dream come true.

all my best and thanks,
Kim Ima (the Treats Truck lady)

This is especially sad because the Treats Truck was the very first “gourmet” food truck that I remember writing about on Midtown Lunch. And Kim did it the right way, making friends with the surrounding food carts, local businesses and beat cops, and building up her two Midtown spots over the course of months and years. And as much as we love the new trucks that have hit the scene over the past year, it’s not right that Kim should have to lose what she has spent years building up because of others. We’ve been predicting this for years but it looks like it is finally coming to a head. The current way of doing things is unsustainable.

In the meantime, while we hope for a solution that will allow the Treats Truck to come back to Midtown, they will still be doing deliveries in the area. So if you can manage to get a bunch of friends or co-workers to come together on a big order, you can get your Treats Truck on in Midtown.


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