Desi Another Midtown Victim of Parking Issues

It seems the truck crackdown is becoming an epidemic in Midtown West. Brownie warned us a few weeks ago that 50th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue was becoming another hot spot for food trucks. And sure enough, on Tuesday, Desi Truck was forced to move from that location halfway through the day. They arrived at Hanover Square in the Financial District around 3:00, which is later than almost anybody eats lunch. The owner told me they plan on making this their new permanent weekday location as the parking in Midtown is getting too insane. He also told me in the coming weeks, they will launch a second truck at the corner of Spring and Sixth Avenue. Is this going to be a trend that all of our beloved Midtown food trucks will be forced to re-locate well below 14th Street?

In other 50th Street news, Big D’s Grub was also forced to close by police yesterday and strangely enough, the Sombrero Cart has returned.


  • How many trucks are there operating in NYC now?

    It’s not surprising that given the sheer # of trucks trying to do on street business that they are running into difficulty. Particular given the arbitrary nature of “finding and holding a spot”.

    Selfishly happy to see more downtown lunch options open up as midtown becomes more trouble for them than it’s worth…

  • nooooooooo……

  • From the picture they’re parked next to one of those parking meter pay things. If they legitimately paid for their spot, how can the cops kick them out?

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    Well, this photo is them parked in the FiDi, where the police seem to be leaving them alone.

    But there’s a law that states that you can’t sell merchandise from a metered spot and some are interpreting that as food as well. It’s an outdated law that I think needs to be addressed.

  • Ah, I see. Thanks for the clarification.

  • Their chicken sucks anyway

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