Food Truck Issues Migrate South to the 30s

In the last few weeks, our beloved food trucks have suffered through lots of ticketing and harassment in Midtown. We previously reported that many of the streets in the 50′s on the west side of Midtown are potentially off limits and Downtown trucks have had their problems too. It seems that this week the trouble has begun to move further down Midtown. The ML favorite Comme Ci, Comme Ca tweeted that they had been forced to move from their usual spot on 38th Street and Broadway on Friday. When I went by yesterday around 1:00, they had not been bothered yet, but the guys were anticipating more drama. And if problems arose, they have another nearby spot in mind as back-up that should be more legit since the street is not metered parking.

But wait, there’s more…

Luke’s Lobster was also asked to move yesterday, and they were told by a police officer that the city no longer wants food trucks in Midtown (tell us something we don’t know!) However, Crisp on Wheels and Sweetery both seemed to make it through the lunch shift just off of Sixth Avenue yesterday.

We’ll see what happens today, but the tension across Midtown seems to be mounting. Although the vendors I’ve spoken to have said the police doing the ticketing have been perfectly nice and that the crackdown is coming from further up. Perhaps they too will miss all the delicious street food in Midtown if it disappears.


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