Saddest Losses of the Year: 2010 Reader’s Poll

It’s time for the 4th Annual Midtown Lunch Readers’ Poll. Your nominations are in, and between now and the end of the year we’ll be asking all of you to vote for the best Midtown Lunches in a whole range of categories. You can only vote once per category (so choose wisely), and official results will be posted after the new year.

As 2010 comes to a close it’s time to take a look back at the saddest losses of the year… our Academy Awards photo montage of death, if you will.  (Feel free to put on Wind Beneath My Wings in the background as you read the rest of this post.)   Some were surprising, some not so much- and for the first time ever, we mourn the loss of more than just restaurants, but an actual reader.  Indian pizza, mall food court bourbon chicken, pizzacones, chinese buns and the rest… we’ll miss you all in one way or another.  Here are the nominees for the saddest loss of 2010:

Vote for the one you’ll miss the most, after the jump…

Vote Now in Other Categories:
Best Flatiron Lunch
Best Happy Hour Spot
Best Street Meat
Best Thai Food
Best Sandwich from Cer Te
Best Sit Down Chinese Food
Best Japanese Fast Food
Best Cupcakes
Best Pizza
Best Seafood Dish
Best Fast Food Chinese
Best Coffee
Best Korean Fast Food
Best Indian Steam Table
Best Falafel
Best Bagel
Best Ramen
Best Korean Fried Chicken
Best Dessert Truck
Best Hamburger
Best New Food Truck


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