Another 2 Bros Pizza Opening This Week

There is no shortage of 99 cent pizza on the fringes of Midtown…  9th Avenue, 8th Avenue, Lexington and 3rd. But now it looks like the $1 slice is finally going to land smack dab in the center of Midtown.  2 Bros, the St Marks institution that started invading Midtown last year, will be opening its 3rd Midtown location on 46th btw. 5+6th.  They plan on being open sometime this week.

$1 Pizza Not For Bloggers, Cabbies, or Pizza Lovers… It’s For Homeless People


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    Now I can walk 2 blocks instead of 12. Best news of the day.

  • i really hate that st. mark’s put this there. seems tainted now.

  • Agreed. St. Mark’s is and will probably continue to be my stomping grounds. Anytime I have visitors, there’s always something around that area to fascinate and titillate. After a ballet, I had a friend from out of town who was just so fascinated by the $1 pizza that he grabbed a slice on our way to our restaurant. I like the $1 pizza trend. I just hope the quality remains palatable.

  • Chris: nothing would stop me from my weekly vists to st marks, but if chains take over, it may….what would be left?

  • I’m glad the new location is closer to my office. I like the new 99c by Grand Central but think 2 Bros. is the way to go for dollar pizza (plus no tax so it’s the true dollar slice in Midtown). 99c gets hit-or-miss at times and 2 Bros. just seems to be consistent (hope it stays that way too).

  • Woo! 2 blocks from the office!

  • Oooh, cheap pizza 2 blocks from the office! Score!

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    About time! I am so sick and tired of paying $2.75 for a REGULAR slice at Little Italy on 45th Street between 5th and 6th. Anyone want to bet that they will be lowering prices a bit after some healthy (and I use that word loosely because this is pizza, after all) competition from this new place?
    Please keep us posted on when this place is opening!

  • little italy blows.

  • I still don’t understand the appeal. I think the other 99-cent pizza joints are decent, and sometimes even good, but 2 Bros. just doesn’t do it for me. Worst 99-cent pizza out of all of them! Bleh.

    • Worst? Okay, more for the rest of the us then. Haha. I think the 9th Ave. one near Port Auth. is the BOMB!
      Maybe it was the 38/8 or St. Mark’s location that disappointed? Looking forward to the closer one and hoping it is better than 99c.

      • I’ve tried the St. Marks 2 Bros. (terrible) and the 9th Ave. one near Port Authority (better than St. Marks but still not very good). I much prefer the original 99 Cent Pizza on 9th Ave. near 41st. It almost melts in my mouth. But then, I’m not originally from around here, so I may be a pizza heretic. I even like Two Boots’ plain slices, but that cornmeal crust and spice are pure pizza heresy to lots of New Yorkers.

  • The original 99c isn’t nearly as good as the PA 2 Bros. I’ve done the eat a slice from each place and always wants seconds of 2 Bros. slice. Better quality at 2 Bros. IMO.

    I just had slices from the 38/8 location yesterday. Crust was burnt up and still tasted better than GC’s new 99c.

    You stick to your 99c then, Ike. Hehe. Shortens the line at 2 Bros for the rest of us New Yorkers. :)

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