99¢ Fresh Pizza (Expands its Mini Empire!!!)

There are some things that are such an awesome deal they supercede quality.  In fact the occurance is so rare, that when you find the deal, you are so excited, you forget what the thing you’re eating even tastes like.  The under $10 buffet.  Steak & Eggs in Vegas.  Taco Bell in the old days.  And of course… 99 cent pizza.  Pizza is everywhere in New York.  Good pizza is everywhere in New York.  But you never see a slice below $2.  And in Midtown, the price is sometimes jacked up to a ridiculous $2.50 a slice.  Nevermind wanting toppings or a drink.  The pizza is good… but a lunch ends up costing you $7… for pizza.  Enter 99¢ Fresh Pizza to save the day!

Anyone who has ever been behind the Port Authority on 9th Avenue has seen the 99¢ pizza place.  Always open, and always a line- this window churns out cheese pizza slices like nobody’s business.  The slices are hot, fresh, and for 99 cents a real steal.  Living in Hell’s Kitchen, and shopping at the various markets down there I’ve partaken in the 99¢ pizza many times, usually as a post grocery shopping snack.  In fact it has spawned a snack or meal argument between my wife and I on numerous occasions.  My claim… “If something costs $1 (i.e. a slice of pizza), it is automatically a snack”.  Her claim… “You are a fat bastard.”

Well, on Monday I was excited to find out that 99¢ Fresh Pizza has expanded East, opening a new location next to Grand Central Terminal, on 43rd St. btw. 3rd & Lex.  Pics of the pie and the +/- after the jump.

Don’t expect the greatest New York pizza you’ve ever experienced.  You get what you pay for.  If a pie costs $8, it is probably not going to be as good as a $17 pie… but for $1, how can you complain?  And of course, it’s so cheap you’ll convince yourself it tastes better than it actually does.  It’s got plenty of cheese, and there is always a fresh pie (although this location is new- so the turnover may not be as quick as the Port Authority Location).  The sign on the window says there are toppings available for 50 cents a slice, $2 per pie… but once you start down that road, it’s not 99¢ pizza anymore, and must be held to a different standard. 

Perfect for a snack, or the cheapest lunch available in Midtown that doesn’t involve eating a hot dog or stale pretzel.  $2.75 gets you two slices and a can of soda.  It doesn’t get any better than this… (unless you like your pizza great, and don’t mind paying the money for it).  Seriously… I only say it’s not great pizza so I don’t get a million comments questioning whether my taste buds still function.  The truth is- I freakin’ LOVE the 99¢ pizza place.  Call me a cheapo, but I’ve never once asked for my penny back (and they’ve never offered it.)  


  • It’s a fresh slice of pizza… for 99 cents.  Deal of the century.
  • You don’t have to walk to 9th Ave. behind the Port Authority anymore


  • It’s obviously not the best pizza in the city (but it’s not bad enough to not be worth it)
  • At the Port Authority location there is always a line, and always a fresh pie coming out of the oven.  This location is new, and may take awhile to get the turnover going.
  • No variety.  The only thing they usually have pre-made is Cheese.  I’ve never asked for toppings because then it wouldn’t be 99¢ pizza anymore.
  • If you are willing to wait until after 2pm, I’ve heard there is real pizza place in the same area that drops its price to $1 a slice.

99¢ Fresh Pizza, 151 E. 43rd St. (btw. Lex & 3rd), 212-922-0257


  • 99¢ — cant complain!

  • I’ve been waiting for this place to open…yea! Most slice joints are subpar anyway, so I’d rather pay 99 cents than $2.50 for what amounts to the same thing.

  • where is this mysterious real pizza place that drops down to $1 a slice after 2 pm?

  • Naples 45 in the MetLife Bldg on Park Ave. (and 45th). I am going to write about it as soon as I can find a day where I don’t pass out trying to make it until 2pm without eating lunch.

  • Been hitting the PA location for a couple years now. Never disappoints. Ok, it never blows you away either, but whatya expect for a buck? Best part about it is the slices are always fresh due to the sheer volume they sell. Decent, fresh pizza for a dollar will always beat the reheated, three-hour-old slice for two-fifty.

  • Mmmmm, cheap pizza. I don’t even want to think about what I pay for pizza. Plus I don’t like pizza that much (I tend to … nm, but let’s jus say, lactose doesn’t like me)/that often so $1 a slice, I might actually become a genuine fan…

  • It’s amazing how people will go to starbucks for a $5 caffe latte, but will not pay 2.50 for a slice of pizza

  • I ate at the 99 cent pizza near Grand Central today for first time. Despite the cold, there was a long line of people, so turnover was apparently high.

    It appeared that the place sold only pizza (no heroes, pastas etc) so they keep their operations simple and cheap.

    The pizza was surprisingly good. Perhaps not the best pizza in NYC, but definitely worth the price.

  • I have worked in Pizzerias for many years. The ONLY way that you can sell a slice for 99 cents is if you put LITTLE or NO cheese on the pizza. AND / OR, the quality of cheese is synthetic. WHICH BELIEVE ME, MANY PLACE USE THIS.

    With the price of milk going up all the time, it effects cheese also. They are definitely NOT using the best quality.

  • What is Peter smoking? Day old mozarella? The highest cost ingredient going into the 99 cent pizza isn’t cheese, it’s midtown Manhattan rent. “The only one you can sell a slice” is if you don’t put cheese on it; what idiocy. There’s a freakin’ cheese-filled picture right up there in the article. This is like the guy who sweeps the assembly line floor explaining with deep authority why GM can’t afford to make cars of quality…

  • Thanks for the profession response…..Dick head

  • For me, that $1 pizza is AWESOME. When I’m out late swing dancing in NYC I work up an awesome appetite. From the mid-40′s, I typically head down 9th Ave to the Lincoln Tunnel towards NJ. First, though, I stop for a bite even though my wallet may be light. The pizza is best during the depth of the pre-dawn morning in mid-January, when the air itself is frozen and that warm pizza hits your tummy. Ummmmm.

  • Seems like another 99 cent pizza place opened up between 43rd and 44th off of 3rd Ave. I passed it on my way to Blarney Stone today.


    Um… isn’t that what this post is about?  Or did they open up ANOTHER one right around the corner from the one on 43rd btw. Lex & 3rd???  -Zach

  • Clarification – this post is about $0.99 Fresh Pizza on 43rd btwn Lex and 3rd. Andy is talking about Prince Deli, which is on 3rd Ave. btwn 43rd and 44th (and used to be located on the SE corner of 3rd and 43rd). I’m guessing that Prince Deli noticed that no one was buying pizza from them anymore, and decided to drop their price to compete. It’s better pizza, but not by much.


    Oh… cool.  I’ll have to check it out!  -zach

  • Z Deli on 8th Ave betw 48th/49th has 99c slices of cheese pizza, and they are open 24 hours. The quality is on par with the rest of their pizza. I think it is just a gimmick (that works!) to get you in the deli as they have plenty of other drinks and food available.

  • I have walked by the place on 43rd off 3rd several times and there is always a line out in the street (it is a very small place with no seating), so I never tried it. Right around the corner is the other place with cheap pizza. There is a line there too, but it is inside and there are a few seats. They also have many other things besides pizza, like salads and Mediterranean foods.

  • Hey. On the corner of 8th ave. and 36th St. theres Halal Pizza & Bakery which serves up some good 99cents slices. I use to always buy from there when I to worked in the area and they were always good. The bakery is also good..

  • Great pizza. I was visiting Ny, staying in Jersey and made it my 1st stop almost every day before getting started on wasting the days away. Didn’t even need the navigation system in my buddies car after the 2nd visit. I memorized the route from Seacaucus. Hell of a bargain!

  • I can’t wait to try it. When I’m roaming the island again, I’ll be there for breakfast and dinner! Pizza & a Coke!, yeah…

  • I pass by the 99 cent pizza every time I go to Sushi Yasuda and I’ve been wondering if I should try it. I have to admit, I’m scared. Part of me just thinks that pizza that cheap might give me cancer or something. =/

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