Did You Know That The El Rey Del Sabor Cart Serves Food?


With all the talk of vendor wars and cops and news coverage and planters I feel like I’ve lost site of one of the most important things… stuffing my fat face! And at the end of last week I took advantage of some time spent hanging around the new El Rey del Sabor cart (on 43rd btw. 6+B’way) to do just that. When I originally ate at the El Rey del Sabor cart on 60th & 3rd, I didn’t try the beef- but I’m told it’s changed since last year. I decided to try that, in taco form, with some of their chipotle sauce (also new since last year.)

The chipotle sauce was pretty awesome (almost like a Mexican BBQ sauce), and packed a nice bit of heat. I liked the beef too. And for $2, it can’t be beat. (I think it was $2… maybe $2.50. I can’t remember.) I still prefer the salsa verde overall, but that’s why you get more than one taco! (And by more than 1, I mean 3.)

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