Midtown Links (The “When Commenters Make Baby Suggestions I Listen” Edition)

Lunch at BonChon w/ The Kid (full report coming next week). Photo by Daniel Krieger


  • That is the best picture EVER!!!!

  • Agreed, Mamacita. Love that you can see a few drops of sauce on the napkin!

  • Be sure to save that shot to show his first date, put on the big screen at his wedding reception, etc. Priceless!

  • :) …im just worried what Harry is suckling on.

  • I hope that picture inspires Gerber’s to make some Korean fried chicken flavor baby food. It’s about fucking time anyway.

  • Oh man zach. Next thing you know you’ll be putting pancakes on harry’s head:


  • I’m not sure what type of person would find this photo amusing. To me, I see a Neanderthal (probably a New Yawk City type) behaving like he/she/it just crawled out of the primeval ooze.

    A person like this has NO business breeding. But for those people who think that this type of behavior is amusing, PLEASE stay where you are.

    I don’t want you in MY neighborhood.

  • Chucky.First of all you are a Bankrupt failure unable to return to Arkansas or Texas(im sure thier respective gene pools will be enriched for this).And even if you’re not the ‘real’ chucky…how sa can a person be to impersonate another sad bastard?.You, you inbred grit eating civil war living tosser(Lee was Gay,…… Jackson was a proven paedophile)

    You married a ‘Woman’ that looks like something off a National Geographic Missing link Special.

    But that would confuddle your peanut brain with Evolution…as im sure you sunday school teacher ‘teeeeched….ya Sirrr” to you in the woods.


  • WOW, Rudy McBagel, are you a perfect example of the New Yawk City denizen?

    YEP, I thought so.

  • Yep, once again, DocChuck is free to spout his drivel here as long as he no longer posts links to his website. Great. Just great.

  • The haiku response link was a first – someone took us ML commenters seriously enough to post a lengthy blow-by-blow retort

    (a first because we will never acknowledge the disturbing responses of gay superman)

  • Doc Chuck…you are an ass hole and an ass hole with no sense of humor. What a shame!

  • Awesome Zach, glad to see I could be of help.

  • Love this picture! I have to do this with my 11 month old as well. If you could invent a big, breathable napkin type object the provides good coverage for the baby while you eat, you could make a mint. Even with the napkin, my girl got a big dose of Nice Green Bo dropped on her over the weekend. There is definitely a need for something like this. Or maybe I’m just a very messy eater.

  • A use case for the Yum! Brands feedbag, no doubt:


  • @ “nancy”

    Babe, thank you for your words of encouragement!

    As soon as I can get my ass hole to New Yawk City, why don’t I call you up so that we can go stand in line at a ‘food cart’, order up some good ‘street food’, and then go back to YOUR place and eat our good ‘street food’ from the ‘food cart’ and maybe compare ass holes?

    Thanks, “nancy”. I think I am in love for sure.

    I just LOVE beautiful ass holes. And, I always buy the lady dinner at a ‘food cart’ before examining her ass hole, nancy.

  • Another DocChuck comment, again it has no bearing on the topic at hand, again we’d all have been better off for not having read it.

  • Yes, Fred, but you know how much we love to hear from you and ‘Wilma’, my dear friends in HOTlanta (http://profiles.aim.com/chiff0nade).

    Ever since you guys moved from Clearwater (just ahead of the cops, right? LOL), I have loved all of your really neat posts, ‘Fred’.

    Ta Da!

  • Jerzee…you are, to use the English Parlance… an ugly fat old slapper.

  • Excellent pic, but don’t you thing you could origami the napkin into a hat, that way the folded up edges would catch any excess drippings

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