Koreatown’s BonChon is Now Open For Lunch!

Photos by The Girl Who Ate Everything

This has been an awesome week for Midtown lovers of Korean fried chicken… this was just posted to the comments, and confirmed by a phone call: “BonChon (the Korean fried chicken place on 5th Ave. just south of 32nd Street) actually IS open for lunch now. I just got some takeout there around 12:45 about 2 weeks ago.” For as long as they have been open, the Koreatown location of Bon Chon didn’t open until 4pm- but apparently a few months ago they started opening at noon. Between this, and the Kyochon news, my Korean fried chicken loving head is about to explode. I know where I’m eating lunch tomorrow…

Bon Chon, 314 5th Ave 2nd Floor (btw. 31+32nd), New York, NY 10001, 212-221-2222


  • Really great news! Most definitely in reaction to Kyo Chon’s opening. About time!

  • shit yes!

  • Kyochon vs. Bonchon head-to-head to come. This time you’re inviting me, friend.

  • I just read it again. Sorry, my bad. Bon Chon’s been up since noon for a few months. Wish I knew that before.

  • I’d donate my tastebuds to a korean-fried-chicken-off, especially considering I have yet to try such a thing so I’m not sure what to expect. That said, I have my suspicion…

    A loooong time ago, there was a restaurant in the financial district that had a chicken wing + lomein bento box. AH, I’m not surprised that midtownlunch has a link to it:


    I was a teenager, and my mom would often bring back some of the bento boxes for dinner as we were both chickenwing fiends back in the 80′s.

    If this “KFC” is as good as Dosanko’s wings were back in the day, I’ll be pretty happy.

  • So, what time is the ML Korean Wing Lunch happening tomorrow?

  • I would luv to try this place…unfortunately…I doubt this place is Kosher. Sigh….but so yum lookin.

  • Lack of kashrut = flavor in my book. I would slay a man for taking the blood out of my steak, and a cheeseburger w/o cheese is tyranny. Gonna have to make the 10+ block sojourn soon.

  • I prefer kashered chicken than your typical supermarket chicken especially if roasted. Supermarket chickens can get funky. Beef on the other hand I can agree with.

  • sweet!

  • Zachie, so when is lunch today??

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