At Lunch Now: It’s a Texas Red Kind of Day

It’s freakin freezing outside today, so I had no choice but to go for my favorite non-soup, gut warming lunch: a bowl of Texas style red chili from the Daisy May’s cart on 50th btw 6+7th. It’s a beanless chili (your co-workers will thank you) filled with big chunks of super tender beef. Cheese, sour cream, onions, and a tortilla come on the side, all for $7. I don’t know if the tiny cup of rice and beans was worth it, but I was glad to have it at the end to mix with the leftover sauce and condiments. Slightly spicy, completely satisfying, and most importantly- it warmed me up.


  • Everyone’s getting soup today. I went for the dan dan noodle at Hing Won and it was more packed then usual, which is to say extremely.

  • 3 words—THAT LOOKS AMAZING! I want it—now.

  • I got this a couple weeks ago and could not finish half of it. I found it pretty gross and was nauseous after, almost had to go home early from work. I guess it just comes down to personal tastes, and I love the bbq sandwiches from the cart, but the chili did not float my boat.

  • Dude, I kind of really like Daisy May’s and wish they’d bring back their Wall St. cart. We need some of this down here.

  • Drool! You’re making me hungry and the cold weather isn’t helping at all!

  • Beanless chili is redundant. Chili has no beans, in spite of what those in the northeast, who incidentally did not invent chili, think.

  • I love the chili from Daisy May’s, but haven’t gotten it in a while because I moved to an office further away. Still, I’m gonna have to hit it up soon. I usually just have him put some hot sauce in it and forego the sour cream, etc. I also really dig the huge mason jars of sweet tea. I think they’re like $4 now, but at least it’s 32 oz. and you get to keep the jar, which is helpful for preserving your victims.

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