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Cupcake Crew Turns Girl Scout Cookies and Cannoli Into Delicious Cupcake Treats

Cupcake Crew

Back in November, a new cupcake truck, Cupcake Crew, was spotted on the streets of Midtown and most of us just though “Ugh, another cupcake truck. Can’t pies or doughnuts or whatever kill the cupcake already?!” I too was cupcake’d out for a while, but now that Cupcake Stop is possibly maybe gone (?) it’s a different story.  Well that, and I saw the flavors that Cupcake Crew was coming out with. Cupcakes with cannoli filling and shells! Ones inspired by my favorite Girl Scout cookie, the Samoa! Add considering that they tend to park next to savory trucks where I can score lunch, I had now choice but to be on it!

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Big D’s Grub Truck Brings Their Tacos to Midtown Today

Big D's Grub Truck

I’ve been wanting to try Big D’s Grub Truck ever since they came onto the scene back in January, but they tended to spend a good amount of time in Long Island City and Downtown. Downtown Lunch’s Andrea has checked them out a few times, noting that one should go for the pork or meat. When they were in Midtown last week, I saw on their Twitter that they were testing Chili Sesame Chicken and made my way over for some lunch.

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New Halal Truck Pops Up on 33rd Street


Midtown South doesn’t have nearly the curry cart options found in the Rock Center area. There are a couple here and there, like the XPL truck on 33rd and 6th Avenue and the cart on 35th and 5th where I got the faux Italian sausage.  So, I was psyched this morning to see a new Halal Truck on 33rd and 5th, right across from Little Italy Pizza. The more the merrier, I say. No word on how long they’ll be around, so if you work near the Empire State Building and want some street meat without the schlep, check it out…

Cartwatch: What Happened to the Indian Fast Food Cart?

Good question!  The “Indian Fast Food” Cart was a classic.  Anybody seen it lately or know what happened to it?  Let us know in the comments…

Finally, Kofta Has Returned to Little Morocco

Last month’s joy over Omar’s triumphant return to the Little Morocco cart (NE corner of 39th+7th) quickly turned into anticipation for the unveiling of some new menu items. This isn’t exactly new, but it’s something I’ve been hoping for ever since kofta disappeared from the menu last year.
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Biryani Cart’s Juicy Wings Are Different… and Pretty Damn Good

The Biryani Cart empire on 46th btw. 6+7th got a little bigger this week with the launch of Juicy Wings, a cart specializing in chicken wings. The new cart is situated on the north side of 46th, across from Meru’s other two carts. This week’s cold weather, and major snowfall, is not ideal for a brand new cart, but those who have braved the elements have been treated to an interesting new option in mobile dining. Get a look at all four kinds of wings after the jump.
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Beat the Cold With Jerk and Tikka From Trini Paki Boys

When Lunch’er Steve informed us that the Trini Paki Boys Cart (43rd btw. 5+6th) was now serving jerk chicken, I quickly headed over to try it out. I was treated to a delicious mess of a plate, a huge piece of bone-in chicken, covered in gravy served on a bed of rice with a healthy serving of chickpeas and vegetables next to it. When I went back for more jerk chicken, they practically forced me to try some of their new chicken tikka as well (they didn’t have to force hard). Check out the ridiculous plate of food I got for $7 after the jump.
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Generic Kati Roll and Biryani Cart Pops Up on 46th

Imposter Kati Roll Cart

The other day when I was walking down 46th street I spotted a small sign in what looked to be a generic halal food cart: “Kati Rolls $2.99, 2 for $5.99″ and yet another sign on the same cart for biryani. I did a double take. This cart is literally directly across the street from the two time People’s Choice Vendy award winning Biryani Cart. Naturally, I had to check it out. Read more »

You’ve Seen the Tacos, Now Check Out Korilla BBQ’s Chosun Bowl

Korilla BBQ line

After reading Chris’ early word on Korilla BBQ, I made a mental note to check it out next time it came to my nabe. When I read on the Twitter Tracker that they’d be on 46th and 7th the other day, I took the opportunity to hit them up for lunch.

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“Meals on Wheels” Pops Up on 49th; Fried Chicken Cart Adds Spaghetti & Meatballs

Meals on Wheels Cart

I noticed a couple of new developments in the world of food carts during a little Midtown wandering yesterday. First off, a new halal cart has entered into the Midtown fray on the NW corner of 49th and Park Ave, directly across from our friends at El Rey del Sabor. The cart, Meals on Wheels, apparently set up shop there two weeks ago, and are pricing their chicken and rice platters at $3.99. Added bonus: the interior still has that “new cart” shine.

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