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Are The Rice Platters At Big D’s Grub A Step Up From Street Meat?

If you’ve been paying attention to the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker, you may have noticed Big D’s Grub truck mentioning they have rice platters every once in a while. The truck mostly sticks with tacos and grinders with Korean meats, and they were quiet about introducing this new menu item that isn’t available every day. Yesterday they were in the Financial District and I decided that some Korean meat over rice was just what I needed to perk up a dreary day.

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Chicken Is Not The Strong Suit Of Big D’s Grub Truck

Some proteins are more forgiving than others – namely those containing a lot of delicious fat. But I cannot live on fatty meats alone without my heart exploding, and when I saw Big D’s Grub Truck was making its weekly stop in the Financial District with a special of chili sesame chicken I decided to go check it out. I was also curious to see what these grinders they’re serving would be like. I’d had the tacos the first time they parked down here, and was impressed by two out of the three I tried and by the impressive price-to-size ratio. Would the grinder be a success or failure? To the analysis!

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Big D’s Grub Truck Enters The Fray With Korean Tacos And Grinders

It’s rare that a new truck hits the streets under the ML radar, but that was the case with Big D’s Lunch Truck. It parked in the Financial District last week serving its Korean fusion food of tacos and grinders although from its previous Twitter posts it seems they’ve been parking in Long Island City most of the time. The truck joins others like Korilla BBQ Truck and the forthcoming Kimchi Taco Truck (which is supposed to start serving food today). I was excited about Big D’s Korean-fusion grinders so I headed out to see what they were adding to the increasingly crowded field. Read more »