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Behold The Korilla Korean BBQ Truck: There's a first look at the Korilla Korean BBQ Truck over on the midtown site, and the menu and prices look promising. No word on how the food at the preview actually tasted, but since they promised to come downtown, I guess we can find out for ourselves after they launch on Monday.

FiDi on Korilla BBQ Truck’s Radar

 width=I have no idea how I missed this…but thanks to Lunch’er dbdtron for giving me the heads up that the Korilla BBQ Truck is launching its truck this week serving Korean-influenced food and that it’s looking at bestowing its presence on the Financial District. According to their Twitter (which you can also find on their Web site), they are planning on coming down here, but no word on how far south they’ll go. Chris H. did a little investigation a couple of weeks ago and found out that they’re also thinking of hitting Tribeca or other lower-traffic areas as sort of a dress rehearsal for braving the mass of office workers in midtown. The launch was supposed to happen at the end of September, but it sounds like they had to work out a couple of kinks. I’ll keep you updated if they’re planning a downtown stop and we can maybe stop being jealous of Zach having the Kogi BBQ Truck at his disposal in LA. Photo courtesy of Thrillist.