Korilla Korean BBQ Truck Launching By the End of the Month

New Yorkers, our long nightmare is over – it seems like we’re getting our own version of the Kogi BBQ truck. At this point, there’s little that Mr. Zach Brooks can hold sacred to LA, now that we’re about to encroach on the Korean taco truck phenomenon. A phenomenon that already seems to have pervaded our local Midtown lunch venues, like Bann Next Door, Café Duke and Pro Hot Korean, though we have yet to see a legit Korean taco truck operating in Manhattan for weekday lunches.

After first hearing about the Korilla truck a few months ago on Eater and doing some preliminary investigation on their website and Facebook page, I excitedly reached out to the owner to get a little more information on the Korilla truck.

The mastermind behind the Korilla truck, Edward, aka 3D, helpfully provided a heads up that they’re targeting to launch by the end of this month. As an avid reader of Midtown Lunch (and a believer in the < $10 lunch mantra), he’s assured us that the food would not only be reasonably priced, but also be comforting to Koreans, familiar to non-Koreans, and even accessible to vegetarian/vegan lunchers.

The menu will mainly showcase Korean food in the form of grilled meats, namul (seasoned vegetables) and kimchi in a variety of vehicles such as tacos, burritos, “chompers” aka sliders, and “Choseon” bowls, which consist of your choice of ingredients (protein, veggies, rice, etc) in a bowl to go. The Choseon bowls are a bit of tongue-in-cheek wordplay, as Choseun or Joseon was the name of the original Korean sovereign state – a delicious history lesson in this case.

As born and bred New Yorkers, the Korilla crew plans on primarily focusing on areas outside of Midtown, such as Morningside Heights, TriBeCa and FiDi (especially when they first start, to “prep themselves for the onslaught in Midtown”.)  However, they did want to reach out to Midtown Lunch’ers to request parking suggestions for when they do make it here. How about it folks? Where in Midtown should the Korilla BBQ truck park, and why? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

You can view more photos on their Facebook page , follow them on Twitter , or stay up to date on their website.


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