Your First Look at Korilla Truck Tacos, Launching Monday

Korilla BBQ Truck

Earlier this week we let you know that the Korilla Korean BBQ truck would be holding a public launch party and true to their word Kum Gang San was packed last night with throngs of freeloaders, food bloggers, and curious passers-by. Waiters delivered tray after tray of tacos, and despite the crowd, there were plenty to go around.  Naturally I stopped by to stuff my face, and find out more about Korilla’s planned launch today (incidentally they’ve pushed it back to Monday).

Taco porn, the menu, and more about Korilla’s future plans, after the jump.

Korilla Launch Event

On the surface, Korilla exhibits the brash marketing and attitude we’ve seen in many young Asian fusion food personalities. Thus far, the tone of their tweets and Facebook posts could give Eddie Huang’s performance a run for its money. I also had to do a double-take at their marketing flyers – I wasn’t sure if they were promoting Korean tacos or a hot new Korean club. But, beneath the swagger, you can clearly tell that Korilla BBQ is really passionate about their food.

Korilla Menu

The menu follows closely in the steps of the godfather of Korean tacos, Roy Choi of the Kogi BBQ truck in LA. Tacos, sliders, burritos and the like, complimented by Korean style proteins, rice, seasonal varietals of kimchi, and enough non-meat options to keep most vegetarians happy. However, speaking as a Korean food enthusiast, the most exciting part of the menu is their plan to offer a selection of seriously obscure Korean mountain vegetables. Ingredients such as gosari namul (bracken fern), ssukgat namul (edible chrysanthemum), and chwi namul (aster scaber??) is a rarity in most K-town restaurants, let alone a street truck.

Korilla BBQ Launch

And the prices? More than fair. I’m told that that 3 tacos will be sold for $7 (three were more than enough to satiate me at the event), burritos will also be $7 (+1 for bacon kimchi fried rice), Chompers aka sliders will be 2 for $7, and Chosun bowls are priced at $8 (+$1 for bkfr). For drinks, they’ll have bottled water for a buck, and Korean soft drinks and Jarritos soda for $2.

Though it doesn’t fall into the midtown lunch category, the Korilla truck also plans a late night menu of ‘drunk food’, with strategic parking locations outside popular clubs. I was excited to hear that a ‘Korean pizza’, which will be a perilla flecked pajeon, would be served in addition to their usual fare.

Bulgogi Tacos @ Korilla BBQ Truck

Finally, the most important question – how was the food? It would be unfair to judge the tacos at this tasting, given the fact that they needed to be produced for the masses, and in a vastly different kitchen setting. I’ll simply say that I’m eagerly looking forward to when Korilla finally hits the road on Monday.

Korilla Korean BBQ Truck Launching By the End of the Month


  • “unfair to judge” LOL

    looks like it could be a winner to me.

    wonder where they will get their supply of wild mountain veggies from?

    • I think most of these moutain veggies are being imported from China. They can be found in H marts.

  • hmm so they’re making their own tofu? interesting…

  • I hope Korilla turns out to be a good thing, but none of their veggie selection could be considered to be “seriously obscure.” Mung and Soy Bean sprouts aren’t even mountain vegetables. I also seriously doubt that any of these ingredients could be honestly characterized as wild.

    • I agree that sprouts aren’t obscure. However, there were a few items on there that usually don’t show up during the avg dinner.

      I’ve only ever seen the ssukgat served at the Korean places in Flushing. Gosari is more common, but most of my non-Korean friends won’t touch it, based on its appearance.

      I did want to recognize the fact that they’re using ingredients that are usually omitted from most places selling Korean fusion food.

  • This is the most hyped truck ever. Hasn’t sold one thing and there are a dozen threads on it. Unfair to judge because “they needed to be produced for the masses” – what the hell are they going to do when they open the truck, take reservations? If the tacos were good something tells me it would be fair to judge..

  • Did we ever find out if they would be coming to midtown I remember reading that they were starting Downtown. Any confirmations ?? Also do they have a twitter we can follow

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