Chicken Is Not The Strong Suit Of Big D’s Grub Truck

Some proteins are more forgiving than others – namely those containing a lot of delicious fat. But I cannot live on fatty meats alone without my heart exploding, and when I saw Big D’s Grub Truck was making its weekly stop in the Financial District with a special of chili sesame chicken I decided to go check it out. I was also curious to see what these grinders they’re serving would be like. I’d had the tacos the first time they parked down here, and was impressed by two out of the three I tried and by the impressive price-to-size ratio. Would the grinder be a success or failure? To the analysis!

There was not one person in line when I got there, but they must have all been hiding in the bushes because as soon as I placed my order a giant line of dudes had formed behind me. I ended up getting not only the chili sesame chicken grinder ($7) but also an order of dumplings ($3) which they were out of the first time I went.

When I opened the bag of food I was assaulted with a very pungent smell familiar to all who have eaten Korean food. I broke out the dumplings first and saw that I got four of them for my $3. This is clearly not the deal of the century, but they were thick-skinned and crispy on the outside. I really wish they wouldn’t make you choose between sauces, and maybe just had a bottle of sriracha sitting out. I could have really used some of that squirted on these dumplings on top of the soy garlic dipping sauce I picked. A word of caution about these dumplings is make sure you’re not wearing nice clothes while eating them because they will get grease on you when you bite into them.

The grinder was OK, but basically another interpretation of a banh mi. And at $7 it wasn’t exactly a bargain in the world of Asian sandwiches. It involved the chili sesame chicken that gained points for being dark meat chicken, but lost more for not having much flavor. Most of the flavor came from the item that made my lunch stinky and that was a heap of pickled daikon. Again, I could have used some sriracha, and ended up dumping the leftover soy garlic dipping sauce on the sandwich. Having to dump liquid on your sandwich to make it better is never a good sign, so I would recommend sticking with the non-chicken tacos or grinders.

Bottom line: After two meals at Big D’s I’ve enjoyed everything that didn’t have chicken in it. And you might want to have your own bottle of sriracha handy.

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  • The line of dudes may have formed because of your presence, Andrea, and not for the truck’s alone?

  • Hey Andrea – I tried them for the first time the other day and I too had the chicken but in a taco and I agree, it was tasteless. I had the 3 taco special and I was very impressed by the bulgogi and spicy pork. I would go back to them again but stick with non-chicken items.

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    If they would start using chunks of Korean fried chicken, then I would get excited!

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