Big D’s Grub Truck Enters The Fray With Korean Tacos And Grinders

It’s rare that a new truck hits the streets under the ML radar, but that was the case with Big D’s Lunch Truck. It parked in the Financial District last week serving its Korean fusion food of tacos and grinders although from its previous Twitter posts it seems they’ve been parking in Long Island City most of the time. The truck joins others like Korilla BBQ Truck and the forthcoming Kimchi Taco Truck (which is supposed to start serving food today). I was excited about Big D’s Korean-fusion grinders so I headed out to see what they were adding to the increasingly crowded field.The menu is fairly short and sweet. There are four kinds of tacos (3 for $7) and grinders ($7) with fillings like bulgogi, spicy pork, ginger chicken and spicy chicken. The sides are a little random with fried yucca and dumplings on the list but hey, I guess that’s fusiony, right?

I had my heart set on the bulgogi grinders but even though I thought I got there at a reasonable lunch hour they weren’t serving sandwiches anymore. Instead I got the three taco deal with (from left to right) spicy pork, spicy chicken and bulgogi as fillings.

The first thing I noticed was these tacos are huge! Not only are the tortillas larger than normal, but they give you two of them and a ton of filling. That being said, the pork filling was definitely my favorite. Both this and the bulgogi taco were topped with a kimchi puree sauce that kind of overwhelmed the flavor of anything else, but at least it tasted like something. The chicken was my fail of the day because not only was it not spicy, but it simply tasted like chicken pieces coated in mayo. You may want to stick to the fatty meats at this truck unless you’re averse to spice or hellbent on being healthy.

No word yet on where they’ll be parked for the day, but if you ate there last week feel free to sound off in the comments.

Big D’s Grub Truck, (646) 543-2443, on Twitter and the Web



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