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Cupcake Crew Will Become TV Stars This Weekend

2011 Vendy Award nominee Cupcake Crew will appear on Cupcake Wars this Sunday night at 8:00pm on the Food Network. It’s the “Angry Birds” episode of the series (whatever that means) and owner and chef Frankie will be showing off his talents.  The flavors rotate daily, but look out for the Maple Bacon and Cousin Vinny. Tune in Sunday to support the crew. If you’ve never tasted one of his cupcakes, you can give it a try today and wish him luck. The truck plans to park on 40th and 6th, but check the truck’s Twitter or the ML Twitter Tracker to be sure.

Cupcake Crew Turns Girl Scout Cookies and Cannoli Into Delicious Cupcake Treats

Cupcake Crew

Back in November, a new cupcake truck, Cupcake Crew, was spotted on the streets of Midtown and most of us just though “Ugh, another cupcake truck. Can’t pies or doughnuts or whatever kill the cupcake already?!” I too was cupcake’d out for a while, but now that Cupcake Stop is possibly maybe gone (?) it’s a different story.  Well that, and I saw the flavors that Cupcake Crew was coming out with. Cupcakes with cannoli filling and shells! Ones inspired by my favorite Girl Scout cookie, the Samoa! Add considering that they tend to park next to savory trucks where I can score lunch, I had now choice but to be on it!

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Brace Yourself… We’re Getting Another Cupcake Truck

You know… I was just thinking that Midtown needed another cupcake option.  The expanding Magnolia Bakery empire, the thousands of locations of Crumbs, the random breakfast cart, the two Cupcake Stop Trucks, and their brick and mortar store in Limelight, Robicelli’s, Junior’s and the like just aren’t cutting it.   Thankfully Lunch’er Steven saw this truck parked on Park Ave. and 34th the other night.  Reinforcements are on the way!  The Cupcake Crew website doesn’t say much (they’re from Brooklyn!) but they’re already tweeting up a storm.  I’m sure we can get Blondie and Brownie to volunteer to check them out…