Cupcake Crew Turns Girl Scout Cookies and Cannoli Into Delicious Cupcake Treats

Cupcake Crew

Back in November, a new cupcake truck, Cupcake Crew, was spotted on the streets of Midtown and most of us just though “Ugh, another cupcake truck. Can’t pies or doughnuts or whatever kill the cupcake already?!” I too was cupcake’d out for a while, but now that Cupcake Stop is possibly maybe gone (?) it’s a different story.  Well that, and I saw the flavors that Cupcake Crew was coming out with. Cupcakes with cannoli filling and shells! Ones inspired by my favorite Girl Scout cookie, the Samoa! Add considering that they tend to park next to savory trucks where I can score lunch, I had now choice but to be on it!

Cupcake Crew

Also Cupcake Crew began to sound promising when I found out it was started by a chef from Brooklyn named Frankie. I sought them out on day when they were parked next to Taim Mobile on 40th and 6th. Though their menu has some solid regular flavors-red velvet, funfetti, chocolate, vanilla, etc-I wanted to try their specials: the Cousin Vinny, and the Samoa. At $2.75 each, the full size is cheaper than most bakeries, mobile or not.

My Cousin Vinny Cupcake

The Cousin Vinny involves a moist vanilla cake filled and topped with chocolate chip cannolli filling-yes, cannolli filling, not regular frosting! And then sprinkled with cannoli shell pieces. This totally played to the wanna-be Italian in my heart, the one who still has a crush on Ralph Macchio. The cake part was light and fluffy, but what won me over was the creamy, sweet ricotta filling and crunchy shell bits. It’s everything the treats at San Gennaro wish they could be, and more.

Samoa Cupcake

The Samoa was also a winner in my book. Chocolate cake topped with caramel cream cheese frosting with toasted coconut and a chocolate drizzle. Another moist cake, we all know getting your cake right is key to a successful cupcake, with a sweet, but not cloying frosting. Though the frosting doesn’t cover the cake all the way, the additional flavor from the coconut and drizzle more than make up for it. All it lacks is an actual Samoa sitting on top to send me to Girl Scout heaven.

I found both flavors incredibly enjoyable, and the 4-pack I bought a friend was devoured as well. The menu and specials change daily so be sure to check their Twitter (@cupcakecrewnyc).


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