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We Du Agree, Dubu Puts Out Top Notch Korean in North Philly

Dubu opened a few months ago by the H-Mart in Elkin’s Park, which you can hit by going north and north and north on Broad. With a background in NYC Korean restaurants, the Dubu team aimed to bring quality Korean food to Philly, with a tofu-focused menu. To emphasize that fact, their namesake ”dubu” is Korean for tofu.

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Laotian Raw Tuna Salad at Ratchada

On Instagram, I saw a picture of a raw tuna salad at Ratchada- South Philly’s Thai/Laotian spot by one of the more popular Vietnamese shopping plazas. I made a visit because I love raw tuna in all forms, but especially in the summer.

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Lunch Links (The “Peach and Pork Belly French Toast!” Edition)

  • Newcomer Nora’s on South Street to start Peruvian dishes soon [The Insider]
  • Devil’s den has a pork belly and peach French toast! [Phila Weekly]
  • The trailer for the Erace brother’s new Food Network show is out [Foobooz]

Dos Tacos in Center City

If I had a dollar for every iteration of casual eatery I have written about that existed at the corner of 15th and Sansom (Aqua, Shank’s, Enzo’s) I could buy quite a few tacos. Dos Tacos opened this summer with a menu of fanciful tacos. They made the most of the small space with Day of the Dead themed wall decorations.  Tacos come 2 to an order, as the name suggests.   Read more »

16th Street Seafood

Worn down signs intrigue me.  I had biked passed 16th Street Seafood a ton of times, always wondering what was going on inside.  Now I know the answer, and the answer is- not much. At least in terms of decor. There is a gumball machine, 2 empty candy machines, plus a counter to order at and that’s pretty much it. Also absent was the plethora of seafood over ice you would hope to see at a place specializing in seafood. There were some frozen crab cakes, breaded fish fillets, clams, and crabs- but not else. Still, I threw caution to the winds of Tasker Street and put in an order.

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Lunch Links (The “Diamonds with your Hoagie” Edition)

  • A hoagie place has opened in Jeweler’s Row [The Insider]
  • Want to eat out all day for under $10? [Eater]
  • Korean Fried Chicken spotted in Fishtown [Foobooz]
  • This list of deli’s reminds me I should check out Koch’s in West Philly [Zagat]

Center City’s DanDan is Here

This week, siblings of Han of Han Dynasty fame opened a Szechuan- Taiwanese restaurant in Center City. I zoomed right in on the Taiwanese specialties, specifically the Taiwanese pork bun/hamburger which I have not encountered in Philly yet, but absolutely love. Sadly, they haven’t started making them yet- which means I already had a reason to come back before even trying the food.

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