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Desi Chef On Wheels Is Still On The Road; Greek Street Meat Cart MIA?

There have been some fluctuations with the trucks and carts in the lower part of the Financial District as the area continues to be clogged with generators and vehicles taking up parking spots.

A couple of you lunchers have written in wondering where the Desi Chef On Wheels and All American Diner I & II trucks, and the Greek Street Meat cart have been. Apparently the trucks had been MIA for a week or more and you were going into withdrawal from Indian food and hero sandwiches.

While this is all worrisome, I have come bearing a little bit of good news.

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Desi Chef Truck Does Fried Seafood Justice With Its Fish Curry (And Adds Kati Rolls!)

Ladies and gentlemen, I think I’ve found my new cheap go-to source of Indian food in the Financial District. I decided to revisit what’s now the Desi Chef On Wheels truck (initially called Desi Food On Wheels) and I was so glad I did. Yes, the food comes off of a steam table, but the women who serve it are so nice and the food I’ve tasted has been so nicely flavored that I just want to keep going back again and again. The truck’s offerings lean heavily in the vegetarian direction, and while I loved the daal I had on my first visit, the fish curry I tried on the second visit was tasty and equally cheap.

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Daal Makhani From Desi Food On Wheels Is A Vegetarian Winner

desi food truck

It’s rare I’m pleasantly surprised by Indian food in the Financial District. I’m by no means snobby about my curries or chicken tikka masala, but how many times have you suffered through some sort of watery concoction from a steam table where the flavors seem to have been dialed down to please a wider variety of palates? After finding out a new truck had popped up on Whitehall St. (btw. Bridge & Pearl) serving Indian food, I decided to go investigate and found out from one of the women that they’re calling themselves Desi Food on Wheels. The truck is mysteriously affiliated with a restaurant and while which one seems to be under lock and key, it doesn’t really matter if the food’s good. Read more »

Would You Eat Steam Table Indian From A Truck?

2012-08-17 12.25.55

Shout out to Lunch’er Ameet who alerted me to a new truck selling Indian food on Whitehall St., between Bridge & Pearl streets. When I checked out what they were offering on Friday I was surprised to see the food was coming from a steam table on the truck, and is apparently being brought from some other brick and mortar location. Click through for a look at what they’re serving.

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