Desi Chef On Wheels Is Still On The Road; Greek Street Meat Cart MIA?

There have been some fluctuations with the trucks and carts in the lower part of the Financial District as the area continues to be clogged with generators and vehicles taking up parking spots.

A couple of you lunchers have written in wondering where the Desi Chef On Wheels and All American Diner I & II trucks, and the Greek Street Meat cart have been. Apparently the trucks had been MIA for a week or more and you were going into withdrawal from Indian food and hero sandwiches.

While this is all worrisome, I have come bearing a little bit of good news.

When I walked down during lunch time late last week, the Desi Chef truck was on Whitehall St. in its usual spot. However, the All American Diner truck was nowhere to be seen. It also seems the Tacos El Idolo truck has abandoned the FiDi temporarily or not since parking spots are slim. (Thankfully we still have the Tacos Morelos truck at Wall & Pearl streets).

Downtown Lunch: Greek Street Meat Cart

Then late last week, luncher Daniel wrote in to ask what happened to the Greek street meat cart that’s usually on Wall St. near the stock exchange.

If any of you who work down at the bottom of the FiDi happen to see the All American Diner truck make a return, or the Greek cart on Wall, let us know. All American Diner’s sandwiches on garlic bread are a good reason to go stand in the cold.


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