All American Diner Truck Is Indeed Worth Checking Out

A few days ago I asked if anyone had eaten at the All American Diner I & II Truck that’s been parked in front of the 1 State St. building for a while now.  I’ve spotted it a few times on my fruitless search for the mythical Picnick Smoked truck, and there always seems to be a small crowd out front, which is always a good sign. None of you ML lunch’ers seemed to know that it existed, so I figured I should take one for the team and go eat something from there. It’s not your normal breed of truck, meaning they don’t use Twitter or have a Web site telling you about them, and it’s run by a husband and wife team that seem like they would be running an actual Mom & Pop diner somewhere.

The lady actually called me “Hon” when I ordered. And the guy was chatting with the woman in front of me telling her that he’s been cooking in diners since 1966, while somehow also cooking the food on the grill behind him. The truck is emblazoned with American flags, eagles and the Statue of Liberty and says they’re from Amityville, N.Y.

The menu is a mix of standard sandwiches, a steak burger, meatloaf plates and heroes. Most of the stuff is no more than $7, and they certainly give you a bunch of food. The woman in front of me ordered a burger and fries, and the container was so full it would barely close. The sandwiches come with a small bag of potato chips and a pickle.

When I stopped by the first time, I had my eye on the roast pork sandwich that comes on not just any old roll, but a garlic bread hero ($6.50). Oh yeah. You can also get a roast beef sandwich on garlic bread, or I would imagine any of the hot heroes if you ask nice enough. I briefly contemplated the Cuban sandwich, but the inclusion of sauerkraut turned me off from that one.

They basically take a giant sesame hero the size of a small baguette, butter it and then toast it on the flat top. But it gets better as the guy slices the roast pork to order (and gave me a slice to try while I was waiting!) and then puts the whole thing together.

It could have used some additional condiments or cheese, as it was a little dry even with all of that garlic butter goodness. On the upside, this was a freaking giant sandwich and definitely left me stuffed for the afternoon.

I appreciate that they’re doing a diner-esque menu on wheels, and you get a little more chatting than is normal at a lunch time eatery. If you like to feel like you’re eating in a small town diner run by a couple of colorful characters, this might be your chance.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • It’s run by what you might call “characters.”
  • Nearly everything they serve is $7 or under.
  • Sandwiches on garlic bread!?!

THE — (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Why would I go to a truck for what I can get at the deli downstairs?

All American Diner I & II Truck, Whitehall St. in front of 1 State St.



  • that’s a pretty huge menu for a truck.

    they should come to midtown.

  • Thanks for the review…will have to check out this place next week.

    Wonder why they’re 1 & 2 when it’s just one truck…

  • I had a breakfast sandwich there once.. and I walked away wondering the same con that you have above..

    Water St Gourmet (love that name) Deli does better bfast sandwiches, and Rockwell does solid burger/fries.. They are both on the north side of Water, east of that truck.

    Frites and Meats truck was here yesterday, but it’s only really worth it for the frites.. :/

    Now I want breakfast sandwiches.. damnation.

  • sandwiches on garlic bread are the best! i used to go to a deli in jersey that has a delicious sandwich with roast beef and cheddar on garlic bread. i’m glad there is a good substitute nearby. thanks!

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    I had the pleasure of meeting this couple as well, The Food was Out of this world, Burger was homemade, roast pork on Garlic, amazing, and the Chicken Parm fed me for 2 meals, all that plus a hot dog and everyone had a drink and I think it all came to apprx $24… I couldnt believe it, The man was very funny, he noticed my husbands english accent and asked how the queen was, and his wife was so sweet. I would HIGHLY recommend this van for lunch, Whitehall and Water Street… not far from Battery Park, great lunch before or after Statue tour or boat tour. Cant say enough good things about this place… to bad he is so far away from us now :-(

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    I highly recommend the Skirt Steak sandwich. It is marinated to perfection and topped off with mushrooms,onions, cheese and brown gravy placed on a garlic roasted bun.
    The owner is quite personable and truly cares about his customers. The breakfast sandwiches are outstanding. The smell of bacon is quite tempting in
    the morning as it flows through the State St air…. A pure delight at a reasonable cost.

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