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All American Diner Truck’s Chicken Parm Hero Is Another Winner

Some people have their favorite food truck based on a certain item they sell, but one of mine is because I am almost guaranteed to have a good conversation while waiting for my food. I’m referring to the All American Diner I & II Truck that’s perpetually parked at Whitehall and Water streets serving up hero sandwiches and plates of meatloaf and roast beef. I’d been there once before and had a massive and delicious roast pork sandwich on garlic bread. The other day I was for some reason craving a parm sandwich and remembered that this truck served a couple of different varieties.

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All American Diner Truck Is Indeed Worth Checking Out

A few days ago I asked if anyone had eaten at the All American Diner I & II Truck that’s been parked in front of the 1 State St. building for a while now.  I’ve spotted it a few times on my fruitless search for the mythical Picnick Smoked truck, and there always seems to be a small crowd out front, which is always a good sign. None of you ML lunch’ers seemed to know that it existed, so I figured I should take one for the team and go eat something from there. It’s not your normal breed of truck, meaning they don’t use Twitter or have a Web site telling you about them, and it’s run by a husband and wife team that seem like they would be running an actual Mom & Pop diner somewhere.

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Anyone Tried The All American Diner Truck?

I’ve spotted the All American Diner I & II Truck in the Financial District a couple of times, but can never decide if there’s anything appealing enough for me to eat there. A couple of interesting things I spotted were the roast pork on garlic bread and a ridiculously cheap peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Has anyone gotten anything they would recommend from here? Or is it basically a generic deli on wheels?