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Should You Choose A Torta Over The Tacos At Tacos Morelos Truck?

Throughout the past couple of months while office workers trickled back into the Financial District after the hurricane, and others took extended holiday vacations, Tacos Morelos continued parking in its regular spot at the corner of Wall & Pearl streets. Their tacos got a thumbs up from me, but I was curious about their sandwiches and headed over for a torta.

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We Can All Be Glad Tacos Morelos Has Taken Root Downtown

If you go out in certain neighborhoods of the city, you may have eaten from a Tacos Morelos Truck, possibly while drunk. There are multiple trucks that, according to the T-shirt of the guy working at the one that’s been frequenting Wall & Water streets, park in Williamsburg, Jackson Heights and the East Village. The menu at this truck is the most diverse of any of the Mexican trucks that have parked in the Financial District and I was curious how it would compare with San Luis Taco Truck that’s been parking on Front & Wall for quite a while. After a taste of the namesake product at Tacos Morelos, I can say you should come hungry and be a meat eater.

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Tacos Morelos Truck Tries Its Hand In The FiDi

tm truck

I swear, every day there’s another truck or cart trying their hand in the Financial District. We already have the very solid San Luis Taco truck on Front & Wall, and now ML contributor Brian sends word he spotted the Tacos Morelos truck at Wall & Water this morning. They normally park in Williamsburg, the truck’s workers said, and they were here on Tuesday as well. You can see the menu after the jump.

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