We Can All Be Glad Tacos Morelos Has Taken Root Downtown

If you go out in certain neighborhoods of the city, you may have eaten from a Tacos Morelos Truck, possibly while drunk. There are multiple trucks that, according to the T-shirt of the guy working at the one that’s been frequenting Wall & Water streets, park in Williamsburg, Jackson Heights and the East Village. The menu at this truck is the most diverse of any of the Mexican trucks that have parked in the Financial District and I was curious how it would compare with San Luis Taco Truck that’s been parking on Front & Wall for quite a while. After a taste of the namesake product at Tacos Morelos, I can say you should come hungry and be a meat eater.

This truck has many options for taco filling including the simple chicken and pork to the not quite as common tongue and braised goat. There is a vegetarian taco option, but I’m going to say this is a truck aimed at carnivores. I had a hard time choosing what to order as the menu includes burritos, sopes, huaraches, cemita and torta sandwiches, tostadas and a few other items. I decided to go with some tacos because at $2.50 each they offer the most variety for the least money.

My order was a chicken, pork enchilada and chorizo although the barcacoa and lengua were on my list of things to get when I go back. You can also get most of the meats and vegetables in either a torta or cemita if you’d rather have bread than double corn tortillas.

These tacos were huge, by the way! Double tortillas encased a just right amount of protein (that’s a chicken on the left, chorizo on the right) and I liked that they enrobed each with a paper plate to it intact. Surprisingly, the chicken was my favorite one of the three as it seemed to have the most flavor, although not of them was bad.

Have any of you tried other items at Tacos Morelos? What are your favorites so far?

Tacos Morelos Truck, parking at Wall between Pearl & Water streets, on Twitter



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    Still in the middle of my Torta with Carne Enchilada! This is a great sandwich with delicious pork, extra jalapenos for me, a hefty slice of avacado and some spicy-but not so spicy at all-sauce that I didn’t know exactly what it was. But it was delicious, huge and only $6.

    As a big fan of authentic style Mexican food, I’d definitely recommend this

  • I frequent the East Village location and it’s hard to go wrong with anything. I find that they can get pretty spicy sometimes and one of my favorite items is their Tlacoyo (which doesn’t even have meat!)

    BTW, did Tacos Morelos buy the truck from The Jalapeno? Is The Jalapeno dead? Check out the logo under the window.

  • I’m originally from Southern California so you can imagine how picky I am about my mexican food. I tried the carnitas, bistec & chorizo tacos. The carnitas were ok, the meat was alittle bland (I think I make ‘em better), the bistec was a step up, seasoned really well and not chewy or fatty at all. But the chorizo was my favorite – the chorizo had amazing depth with cinnamon & clove in there, really enjoyed it! Like Andrea, I’m going back to try the barcacoa and lengua next!

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      I had the barbacoa and lengua tacos and thought they were delicious. BTW, two staff people wearing Adrienne’s t-shirts were in front of me in line picking up about a dozen orders, so apparently the kitchen at Adrienne’s is enjoying the food as well.

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