Daal Makhani From Desi Food On Wheels Is A Vegetarian Winner

desi food truck

It’s rare I’m pleasantly surprised by Indian food in the Financial District. I’m by no means snobby about my curries or chicken tikka masala, but how many times have you suffered through some sort of watery concoction from a steam table where the flavors seem to have been dialed down to please a wider variety of palates? After finding out a new truck had popped up on Whitehall St. (btw. Bridge & Pearl) serving Indian food, I decided to go investigate and found out from one of the women that they’re calling themselves Desi Food on Wheels. The truck is mysteriously affiliated with a restaurant and while which one seems to be under lock and key, it doesn’t really matter if the food’s good.

The truck now has a little sign up listing prices and carb options which is $4.75 for a small, $6 for a large and $7 for anything involving lamb. You get basmati or biryani rice, or naan or roti with your meal and the option of a little bit of salad which involves lettuce, raw onion and a couple of chunks of cucumber.

I know I should have gotten one of the meat dishes, but if there’s one cuisine where the vegetarian options are sometimes better it’s Indian so I went with a large size of the daal makhani with kidney beans and some biryani rice.

I wasn’t that encouraged by the brown puddle that greeted me when I opened the container, but one bite and I was hooked. The lentils and kidney beans were really nicely spiced and even had a bit of a kick to them, and tasted best when mixed with a bit of the biryani rice. This dish would also go really well with naan, but that will have to wait for another lunch.

The truck may be a bit out of the way for some of you who work in the upper part of the Financial District, but I thought this was a nice Indian food lunch for the same price as some street meat.

Desi Food on Wheels Truck, Whitehall St. btw. Bridge & Pearl



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    I agree. I had lamb with basmati rice and spinach the other day after seeing your earlier post and was very happy.

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    I also agree. I just had chicken Tikka Masala and naan. I think it was very good. Extremely nice and helpful women in the truck too.

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