Desi Chef Truck Does Fried Seafood Justice With Its Fish Curry (And Adds Kati Rolls!)

Ladies and gentlemen, I think I’ve found my new cheap go-to source of Indian food in the Financial District. I decided to revisit what’s now the Desi Chef On Wheels truck (initially called Desi Food On Wheels) and I was so glad I did. Yes, the food comes off of a steam table, but the women who serve it are so nice and the food I’ve tasted has been so nicely flavored that I just want to keep going back again and again. The truck’s offerings lean heavily in the vegetarian direction, and while I loved the daal I had on my first visit, the fish curry I tried on the second visit was tasty and equally cheap.

No matter if you get chicken, fish or a vegetable dish, it’s $6 for a reasonable amount of food, although I would guess heartier eaters might want to tack on an extra naan or samosa for $1. I’ve yet to try any of the daily lamb dishes which are $1 more.

The fish curry was indeed a bit spicy as the sign on the window had warned me, but nothing too crazy. There was a ton of fish in here – at least one large filet in various sized pieces – which had a breading on it. There wasn’t much in here besides the fish, so if you’re looking for vegetables you may want to go with something else.

The naan was OK. As I’ve discovered from taking Indian food to go many times, the breads tend to suffer as they get cold, so rice may be the best way to go at this truck unless you work a block away.

When I went by on Wednesday there was a sign taped to the window announcing they now sell lamb and chicken rolls (I’m guessing that means protein wrapped in paratha or naan) for $6. This is a bit cheaper than the nearby kati roll options at Bombay’s on Pearl St., but I can’t confirm if the quality is as high.

Desi Chef On Wheels Truck, Whitehall St. btw. Pearl & Broad


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