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Downtown Links (The “Seaport Comeback Continues” Edition)

This picture makes me want lamb gyro, stat. Via Lunch Studio.

  • The fish burger at Westville is a good cleanser of holiday gluttony. [Grub St.]
  • Cowgirl Seahorse is again serving food at the Seaport. [FitR]
  • A look at The Butcher’s Daughter which just opened in Nolita. [Eater NY]
  • Don’t get hard boiled egg in your sandwich at Ba’al Cafe. [SENY]

Eddie’s Pizza’s Back In Soho: There are some tasty offerings on the Twitter Tracker today, like Eddie's Pizza at Hudson & King with braised short rib on sea salt bread, Taim is at Varick & Vandam and Souvlaki GR is up at Varick & Charlton. Something called The Squeeze truck's at W. Broadway & Duane, Shorty's is at Hanover Sq., while Big D's Grub and Schnitzel & Things are at the WFC lot.

Desi Chef Truck Does Fried Seafood Justice With Its Fish Curry (And Adds Kati Rolls!)

Ladies and gentlemen, I think I’ve found my new cheap go-to source of Indian food in the Financial District. I decided to revisit what’s now the Desi Chef On Wheels truck (initially called Desi Food On Wheels) and I was so glad I did. Yes, the food comes off of a steam table, but the women who serve it are so nice and the food I’ve tasted has been so nicely flavored that I just want to keep going back again and again. The truck’s offerings lean heavily in the vegetarian direction, and while I loved the daal I had on my first visit, the fish curry I tried on the second visit was tasty and equally cheap.

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Palenque on Wall, Comme Ci Comme Ca on Varick: If you're in the mood for Moroccan today, Comme Ci Comme Ca's at Varick & King with free hot mint tea, Taim is at Varick & Vandam, and Hibachi Heaven's at Hudson & King. Elsewhere on the Twitter Tracker, Palenque is at Wall btw. Hanover & Pearl, Richshaw's also on Wall, and Shorty's, Frites N Meats and Milk Truck are at the WFC lot.

Hot Clay Oven Plans To Reopen In 2013; Other Lunch Spots Open Now

hco outside

A string of restaurants on the bottom part of Maiden Lane between Gold St. and Water St. remain closed after being flooded more than a month ago during the hurricane. When I walked down the strip yesterday, little had changed from a week ago except that Chipotle had reopened and was absolutely packed. There was work being done behind papered up windows at Potbelly, but otherwise, your favorite lunch spots remained dark with no signs of renovation.

Hot Clay Oven also remains shuttered due to massive flood damage, and a lack of power and gas, but there’s word about when they’ll reopen. You’ll also find some updates on other places that are now open or truck’s that have relocated, after the jump. Read more »

Baba Ghanouge, Au Bon Pain Coming To Fulton St.

The Financial District is a strange place these days. Swaths of the neighborhood are still more full of generators and disaster recovery teams that functional buildings due to flood damage, but the areas on higher ground are business as usual. Fulton St. is one of those areas, with several new places set to open. Find out what and where two of these new spots are after the jump! Read more »

Trusty Truck And It’s “Durgers” Were Lured To the FiDi

Curious about what trucks are downtown today? Well, take a look at the Twitter Tracker where Bob & Jo’s at Varick & King with a revised winter menu, Korilla’s at Varick & Vandam, and Sweetery’s at Hudson & King until 1 p.m. alongside Frites N Meats, Big D’s Grub’s at Hudson & Houston. In the FiDi, Wafels & Dinges is at 60 Wall, Rickshaw’s on Wall, Trusty Truck‘s debuting at Wall & Water, Morris Grilled Cheese is at Pearl & Front, and the WFC lot has Gorilla Cheese with a chorizo melt, Mexico Blvd. and Valducci’s. Calexico has chipotle-grilled tofu as a cart special.