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Downtown Links (The “Enjoy The Long Weekend!” Edition)

This blog exists so you don’t have to eat like this. Via FitR.

  • Van Leeuwen Truck’s empire keeps growing beyond truck in Soho. [Daily News]
  • A look at the offerings at fancy food hall All Good Things. [NY Times]
  • Let’s hope Dickson’s Farmstand Meats will serve its sandwiches here. [Tribeca Citizen]
  • Musings on the cyborg cashiers at Yip’s. [Eater NY]
  • Egg salad + ham = a win at Barbarini. [SENY]

Seek Out Cafe Duke’s “Asian Foodteria” And You’ll Be Rewarded With A Meaty Feast

Anyone who’s worked in the central part of Soho long enough probably knows about Cafe Duke on Broadway (btw. Spring & Prince). I’d never been inside before but braved the hordes of shoppers to check it out and found it to be a massive space stretching from the front of the building to the back, with another entrance on Mercer St. Up front you’ll find sandwiches, some hot items, then a by-the-pound buffet that had such delights as fried chicken and some Chinese food, but you may want to head to the back to a counter merely marked “grill.” That’s where you’ll find bibimbap, a by-the-pound noodle saute station, ramen and what I was after – donburi.  Read more »

Comme Ci Comme Ca’s In The FiDi Today: It's a great day to eat lunch outside, and your mobile options on the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker include Phil's Steaks at Water & John, Comme Ci Comme Ca and Bongo Brothers are at Old Slip & Water, Souvlaki GR's at Old Slip & Front, Mexicue's at Water & Broad and the WFC lot has Milk Truck, Frites N Meats, Chinese Mirch, Andy's Italian Ice and Taim. In Soho, Calexico's out at Prince & Wooster, Hibachi Heaven's at Hudson & King, Lent Space has Eddie's Pizza, Kimchi Taco, Palenque and Juice Pirate.

Be Still My Pork-Clogged Heart: La Nueva Conquista’s Closed!

There were rumors that La Nueva Conquista on Lafayette St. (at Spring) had shuttered, but I needed to lay eyes on this tragedy myself. The Dominican cheap eats institution leaves a hole in the Soho lunch scene that’s sadly void of affordable plates of fatty pork and rice. Yes, Chinatown’s a short stroll away, and I guess Cafe Habana can take up some of the slack in the roast pork department, but it just won’t be the same as standing in line with construction workers and restaurant deliverymen at La Nueva.

City Hall Park Will Now Smell Like Belgian Waffles 12 Hours Per Day

waffles cart
Yesterday the new Wafels & Dinges cart made its first appearance in City Hall Park, and ML contributor Brian spotted it at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge, taking advantage of all those tourists and hungry employees from 1 Centre St. The cart will be there wafting its delicious smells from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day, so now you can get a taco across the street at Nixtamalito and supplement it with a waffle with spekuloos. Or put the taco meat on top of a waffle? The possibilities are endless.

Downtown Is Packed With Trucks!: At the request of a Twitter follower (are you following us, by the way?) I'm going to try to group these posts by area. Success may vary. Today's ML Downtown Twitter Tracker has Fun Buns at Varick & Vandam, Bob & Jo's at Varick & King, Frites N Meats is at Hudson & King, the Lent Space has Cruisin' Kitchen, Nuchas, Snap Truck and Andy's Italian Ice, while the FiDi has Bongo Brothers at Water & John and Our Hero's at Water & Wall, Bian Dang at Coenties Slip & Water, Blend at Water & Broad, Gorilla Cheese at Hanover & Pearl, Korilla at Front & Gouverneur, Bistro Truck's at Old Slip & Water and Wafels & Dinges at 60 Wall (with a cart by the Brooklyn Bridge too). The WFC lot has Mexico Blvd., Mike N Willie's, Rickshaw, Milk Truck and Wafels & Dinges.

Toum Truck’s Massive Lebanese Sandwiches Are Like Your Very Own Eating Challenge

The other day I headed out in the sudden lunchtime downpour to check out the Toum Truck which serves Lebanese sandwiches and rice platters along with some items like fried kibbeh, pizza and homemade lemonade (which gets a thumbs up from ML contributor Sarah). The truck first stopped in the Financial District last week after mostly parking in the Flatiron, but ran out of food and decided to give us a bonus day to make up for that. After ordering my meaty sandwich, another lunch’er and I stood in the rain, watching it be assembled and were in awe of the sheer size of my lunch that made a Chipotle burrito look like a finger sandwich.

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