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Vendy Awards Announces 2013 Rookie, Dessert Nominees

Yesterday the Vendy Awards, being held on Sept. 7 at Industrial City by the Street Vendor Project at the Urban Justice Center, announced the finalists for the Rookie, Dessert, Market and New Jersey categories. Most of those are not vendors we ever see in Downtown Lunch territory, but some of the carts and trucks in the Rookie finalists stood out.  Read more »

Toum Truck’s Massive Lebanese Sandwiches Are Like Your Very Own Eating Challenge

The other day I headed out in the sudden lunchtime downpour to check out the Toum Truck which serves Lebanese sandwiches and rice platters along with some items like fried kibbeh, pizza and homemade lemonade (which gets a thumbs up from ML contributor Sarah). The truck first stopped in the Financial District last week after mostly parking in the Flatiron, but ran out of food and decided to give us a bonus day to make up for that. After ordering my meaty sandwich, another lunch’er and I stood in the rain, watching it be assembled and were in awe of the sheer size of my lunch that made a Chipotle burrito look like a finger sandwich.

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