Vendy Awards Announces 2013 Rookie, Dessert Nominees

Yesterday the Vendy Awards, being held on Sept. 7 at Industrial City by the Street Vendor Project at the Urban Justice Center, announced the finalists for the Rookie, Dessert, Market and New Jersey categories. Most of those are not vendors we ever see in Downtown Lunch territory, but some of the carts and trucks in the Rookie finalists stood out. 

The Malaysian food cart Mamak was nominated, as was Toum Lebanese truck. Mamak started parking at Hanover Sq. & Water St. in April selling stews and other items and apparently has gained quite the following in the interim. Toum comes to the FiDi and some of the food truck lots downtown, and has some seriously delicious Lebanese sandwiches and platters. Nuchas, the truck selling kick-ass empanadas is also nominated in the same category, as is the Sweet Chili truck which is also spanking new and I haven’t had a chance to check it out. Mysttik Masaala and Neopolitan express round out the Rookie nominees.

Want to be there to see who wins these categories and those that have yet to be announced? General admission tickets are still available for $95 or you can get early entry for $145.


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