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A-Pou’s Taste Cart Adds Fourth Lunch Item To Menu

a pou's sign
When you go to A-Pou’s Taste carts (Multiple Locations), you don’t have many decisions to make other than what meat you want in your Taiwanese dumplings or whether you want to pair them with crack-like Chinese spaghetti. Walking by the cart at Liberty St. & Broadway yesterday, I noticed a sign in the window announcing they’re serving a new dish – basil chicken with white rice for $6. I’ll be investigating this menu addition soon, but it’s going to be hard to divert from the dumplings.

If We Don’t Talk About The Rain It Doesn’t Exist: On your stormy Thursday ML Downtown Twitter Tracker...Hibachi Heaven's at Hudson & King, Bongo Brothers is at Old Slip & Water, Phil's Steaks is at Water & John, Korilla's at Varick & Vandam and Mexicue's at Water & Broad. Lent Space has Munchie Mobile, Juice Pirate, Kimchi Taco, Eddie's Pizza and Palenque, while the WFC lot has Frites N Meats, Andy's Italian Ice, Chinese Mirch, Milk Truck and Taim.

Giving Mike N Willie’s A Do-Over After Disappointing First Visit

My lunch plans were all kinds of screwed up last week due to the rain and trying to track down a food truck that wasn’t parked where Twitter said it was. There were a bunch of other food trucks in the area, and I spotted the bright green of Mike N Willie’s poised to save me from my low blood sugar with no line. My first visit in February after the truck launched was disappointing and not exactly cheap, but I’m all about second chances so I ordered a taco and a slider hoping for hunger’s sake that this lunch would work out.

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Cruisin’ Kitchen & Snap Truck Come Downtown: A couple of newish trucks to downtown are at the Lent Space today with Cruisin' Kitchen and Snap Truck joining Chinese Mirch, Andy's Italian Ice and Nuchas. The ML Downtown Twitter Tracker also has Bian Dang at Coenties Slip & Water, Gorilla Cheese at Hanover Sq., Wafels & Dinges is at 60 Wall, Bistro Truck's at Old Slip & Water, Hibachi Heaven's at Water & Broad, Frites N Meats is at Hudson & King,  Bob & Jo's at Varick & King, Fun Buns is at Varick & Vandam and Korilla's at Front & Gouverneur. The WFC has Mexico Blvd., Wafels & Dinges, Rickshaw, Palenque and Mike N Willie's.

Like Lamb? Chinese Mirch’s Keema Momo Should Be On Your Radar

You don’t often see lamb dumplings around these parts, especially without traveling to Queens or some outer borough where such things are more easily found. The Chinese Mirch Truck was parked nearby the other day and I saw that they’ve added the lamb keema momo to the menu regularly rather than having them as an occasional special. Although I’d already gotten lunch, there’s always room in my stomach for dumplings.

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PROFILE: Downtown Lunch’er “Joe”

As is customary here on Midtown Lunch, every Tuesday we’ll profile a different lunch’er and get their recommendations for places to eat in Downtown NYC. This week, we have Joe who’s a comedian by night, and a resident of the Financial District who has a thing for some penne vodka.

Name: Joe Masse

Occupation: Stand up comedian

Where you work: During the day I work/write from my home office on Fulton & William streets.

Age: 26

Favorite kinds of food: Steak, ribs, pizza

Least favorite foods: Tofu, vegetables, anything my mom told me to eat growing up.

Favorite lunches downtown: My absolute favorite is Rosella’s Pizza on William St. ( btw. Beekman & Ann). I order the penne vodka at least three times a week, then pretend I can speak Italian.

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Tomorrow Is “Love Your Lunch Day” At The Bistro Truck

In honor of some made up promotional thing called “Love Your Lunch Day” you can get some free stuff at the Bistro Truck tomorrow when they’ll be at Old Slip & Water. They’ve partnered with the Aladdin company which makes things like lunch boxes and thermoses, and you can get one of their reusable to-go food containers when you go get your lamb burger from the truck. You do have to buy food from the truck “during mid-day hours” to do the freeloading.