More BBQ Sliders And Tacos From Mike ‘N’ Willie’s Truck

I don’t know when you can tell if the NYC truck scene has reached saturation of a certain kind of food, but I feel the BBQ meats in taco and slider form is almost there. A couple of weeks ago, Mike ‘N’ Willie’s truck entered the fray, following in the footsteps of Mexicue and Korilla BBQ. I know that nearly all of us love a good taco or BBQ stuffed in a bun, but how are we to know which truck to spend our hard earned money at? I headed over to Mike N Willie’s when they parked in the FiDi the other day to check out their abbreviated menu.

There are three kinds of sliders – pulled pork, beef brisket and a fried chickpea patty – and three tacos – short rib, shredded lime chicken and fish. Along with chips and guacamole or salsa, that’s the extent of the menu. I like that they keep it simple, and at first glance the prices ranging from $3 to $4.50 seemed pretty reasonable.

The sadness hit when I opened my container to take pictures and discovered the size of the fish taco ($4.50). It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the piece of fish within was about two dainty bites worth. This was a shame because the fish was really tasty as was the sauce/slaw combo on top of it. I feel like if you’re charging me $4.50 for one taco it should have a couple more bites of fish in it, but maybe I’m just being cheap?

The Lil’ Piggie slider (aka, pulled pork in BBQ sauce) was a little better in terms of value at $3.50. There was a fair amount of meat in it for a slider, but it’s on the sweet side due to the flavor of the BBQ sauce, the onions on top and the brioche bun. I was on the verge of ordering the fried chickpea “Peannochio” slider instead, and if I went back, that’s what I would get.

I can’t say I was wowed by the food I got at this truck, but others in front of me in line were repeat customers and seemed to really like the sliders. The truck’s not out today, but it looks like they’ll be at the new World Financial Center food truck lot on Wednesday.

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    We are paying close attention to the feedback and will be making a better effort to deliver quality and value minded products. The picture you show of the fish taco suprised us as we are apologetically unhappy an item went out the door in such a manner. Please let us offer you a second round on us.
    Mike n Willie

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    Recently stopped by these guys for the first time. I understand the comments about the size, and while it didn’t fill me up as much as some other lunch options, I didn’t think it was *that* lacking in size, and was generally comparable to some of the popular lunch trucks. I’d definitely prefer a little more, but the size wasn’t a dealbreaker that would keep me from coming back. Definitely agree about the sweetness of the pork slider, which isn’t necessarily a criticism, though it’s not my personal preference. The chicken taco was pretty tasty, and definitely fuller than the above pic of the fish taco. All in all, not a home run, but reasonably tasty and not as skimpy as some of comments on ML have suggested -I’d keep them on the list for days when they’re in my nabe.

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    Whether it was just a one-off size variation or a conscious change they’ve made, I went back yesterday, and found the portions a bit bigger than in the past, so if that’s a frustration some have had, it seems they’re trying to address it, which is certainly worthy of mention.

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