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Lent Space Has Slushes, Schintzel: The ML Downtown Twitter Tracker has Palenque at Wall & Pearl, Big D's Grub's at Old Slip & Front, Shorty's is at Maiden Lane & Front, Wafels & Dinges is at Broadway & Canal, Cinnamon Snail's at Wall & Water, Bistro Truck and Korilla are at Varick & Charlton/Vandam respectively, and Bob & Jo's is at Water & Coenties Slip. The WFC lot has Frites N Meats, Bongo Brothers, Rickshaw, Cupcake Crew and Phil's Steaks while Lent Space has Kelvin Slush, Mexico Blvd., Schnitzel & Things, Rickshaw & Taim. Also, Fishing Shrimp is at Varick & King for the first time ever.

Elevated Acre Is The Best Lunch Spot You Never Knew Existed

Apologies to those who consider the Elevated Acre their little secret, but after checking it out yesterday it was too great a place to eat lunch to not share. One of my friends tipped me off to this raised park overlooking the water after her office moved way down to the bottom of the island and she was left searching for good places to eat lunch once the weather got warm. Think of it as our very own Highline, minus all of the tourists. Read more »

Chinese Mirch Has Lamb Momo On The Regular: If you like Chinese Mirch, which is at Front & Wall today, they've added a lamb keema momo/rice bowl to the permanent menu, according to the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker. Hibachi Heaven and Cinnamon Snail are at Varick & King, Kimchi Taco, Gorilla Cheese, Shorty's, Sweetery and Taim are at the WFC lot, Tribeca Taco's at Houston & Mercer, Comme Ci Comme Ca's at Old Slip & Water, Bongo Brothers is at Varick & Charlton and Domo Taco's at Front & Wall. Calexico's out at Prince & Wooster with a chorizo special and Rickshaw's at Wall & Williams.

When It’s Hot Outside, Zaru Soba At Niko Niko Hits The Spot

It’s easy to forget about Niko Niko on Wall (at Pearl) which has been a mainstay of cheap Japanese comfort food for years in the Financial District and is the closest thing we have to something like a Sunrise Mart. When Yushi opened a couple of blocks up Pearl St. I wondered how the two would compare, but I think Niko Niko has the edge on most things in the price department although I did really like Yushi’s rice bowls that have perhaps more inventive vegetable and protein options. Still, sometimes when the weather is super hot as it has been lately the thought of eating a big hot bowl of rice and meat sounds about as appealing as doing my taxes so that’s when either sushi or zaru soba comes in and I stopped by Niko Niko to check out their version of the latter.

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Downtown Links (The “Italian Ice Cream News” Edition)

Seoul Food’s Back In The FiDi: It's Friday and that means that Milk Truck's at Wall & William and Hibachi Heaven's at Old Slip & Water. Also on the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker...Shorty's is at Maiden & Front, Frites N Meats is at Hanover Sq., the WFC lot has Schnitzel & Things, Morris Truck, Big D's Grub and Mexicue, Seoul Food is at Old Slip & Front, Korilla's at Front & Gouverneur, and Mike N Willie's is at Wall & Front.

Urban Lobster Shack Bites The Dust, Taking Its Cheap Rolls With It

urban lobster fixed
Tip of the hat to the intrepid Lunch’er who wrote in and said they had gone to Urban Lobster Shack on Stone St. only to find it no longer existed and there was a “For Rent” sign in the window of the door that led to the hallway of a shop. Indeed, when I investigated yesterday the only evidence that the purveyor of cheap lobster rolls ever existed was a tiny sign hanging from the scaffolding. I’m sure Luke’s Lobster opening a couple of blocks away didn’t exactly help business, but it’s still a little sad to not be able to get a lobster roll for less than $15 anymore.