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Giving Mike N Willie’s A Do-Over After Disappointing First Visit

My lunch plans were all kinds of screwed up last week due to the rain and trying to track down a food truck that wasn’t parked where Twitter said it was. There were a bunch of other food trucks in the area, and I spotted the bright green of Mike N Willie’s poised to save me from my low blood sugar with no line. My first visit in February after the truck launched was disappointing and not exactly cheap, but I’m all about second chances so I ordered a taco and a slider hoping for hunger’s sake that this lunch would work out.

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More BBQ Sliders And Tacos From Mike ‘N’ Willie’s Truck

I don’t know when you can tell if the NYC truck scene has reached saturation of a certain kind of food, but I feel the BBQ meats in taco and slider form is almost there. A couple of weeks ago, Mike ‘N’ Willie’s truck entered the fray, following in the footsteps of Mexicue and Korilla BBQ. I know that nearly all of us love a good taco or BBQ stuffed in a bun, but how are we to know which truck to spend our hard earned money at? I headed over to Mike N Willie’s when they parked in the FiDi the other day to check out their abbreviated menu.

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