Bistro Truck’s Lamb Burger And Fries Are Worth An Afternoon Food Coma

Ever since the Bistro Truck relaunched its menu and simultaneously started venturing away from its usual spot in Union Square, I’ve been wanting to eat there but something always came up. They’ve been parking in SoHo and the Financial District one day a week each, and you guys had been raving about the food, with particular praise for the lamb burger. I’m nearly always up for meat from a cute animal in burger form, and when you throw in some Belgian fries I’m sold.

The truck parked in front of an office building yesterday on the lower part of Hudson St. in SoHo, away from the couple of blocks that food trucks were advised to move from last week. There wasn’t much of a line but since there’s not much nearby except for Tauro Restaurant and apparently a Subway (I saw people carrying bags).

The lamb burger ($7) is cooked medium-rare unless you advise them otherwise. It comes with greens, tomato, bistro sauce and a healthy amount of yellow cheese, on a brioche bun. The fries ($3.50) don’t come with it but they sound like a good idea, and really if you’re eating a lamb burger for lunch you might as well go all the way. I realize this brought my lunch to $10.50, but many of the menu items are $10, or hover just below unless you go vegetarian, so I didn’t mind paying a little extra. It was about a 15 minute wait for my food so be advised if you’re in a hurry.

The burger patty was thin, and more on the rare side in the center so if raw meat freaks you out you might want to have it cooked a little more well done. This was a balanced burger and I appreciated that they didn’t glob on the sauce, although some may be disappointed with the thinness of the patty.

The fries were fresh and nicely salted. This sounds like a no-brainer but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten an order of fries with a little packet of salt on the side. Really, if someone is that sensitive to salt then they probably shouldn’t be eating fries in the first place, right? I wished they were a little more crispy but that’s a tiny complaint.

The truck is scheduled to be in the FiDi today, on Old Slip, but you might want to check their Twitter before you head out.

Bistro Truck, (800) 290-4924, on the Web



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