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Sophie’s On Chambers Selling Crack-Like Green Sauce For Home Consumption


I know the green sauce at Sophie’s holds a special place in a lot of your pernil-clogged hearts, so good news! Now you can buy jars of it for $5.99 and pour it on whatever you want in the comfort of your own home or office. The sign was only in the window at the location on Chambers St. (at Church), and not the one on Fulton St. Maybe now we can finally know what’s in this stuff?

Free French Food Alert!: Thanks to lunch'er Celine for passing along that the Air France Gourmet Food Truck is on Wall St. btw. William & Hanover today giving out free food. Lunch hours are from noon to 2 p.m. and you can also get "dinner" starting at 4:30 (Early bird special!). Today's the last day the truck is in operation, so it's nice they bestowed the honor on the FiDi.

Tribeca’s Cornerstone Is Your Hole-In-The-Wall Source For Fried Chicken And BBQ

I don’t often venture over to the edges of Tribeca because it’s mostly full of restaurants so far out of the ML Downtown¬†price range that it’s laughable. But a couple of weeks ago I was doing a little online digging to see if there were any decent BBQ spots downtown, and a place called Cornerstone Grill on Greenwich (at Duane) was mentioned. Sure enough, when I walked over I spotted an awning bearing the glorious words “chicken and ribs.” Was I even in Tribeca anymore?

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Both SoHo & The FiDi Have Trucks Today: If you're in the mood for some flattened fried meat you're in luck, according to the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker. Schnitzel & Things is parked on Hudson, along with Sweetery and Rickshaw Dumplings. Kimchi Taco Truck is on Water, but a few blocks north of its usual spot.

Mystery Solved: Caliente Mexican Grill Is Now Sabor De Mexico

I was a little bit excited when someone posted in the forums asking if anyone had eaten at a place called Sabor de Mexico on Trinity Place. Was it a restaurant? A cart? A truck? The possibilities were wide open! But then I walked over and discovered that Caliente Mexican Grill on Trinity (at Thames) had just changed its name. Case closed.

Downtown Links (The “So Many New Places To Lunch Coming Our Way” Edition)

Thankfully this is not a durian cupcake. Courtesy of Lunch Studio.

Get A Burger With The Essence Of Booze: If you just can't wait for after-work drinks, you can check out the bourbon Kobe burger at Frites N Meats on Water today. Also on the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker, Bian Dang is on Vandam, Sweetery is on Hudson and Calexico has a lone cart today on Prince serving up chicken with habanero pineapple sauce. La Cense Burger Truck is on Wall in the FiDi.