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Don’t Be Alarmed By The Rain: Most food trucks (although not some carts) are out and about today despite the grossness. Your options, according to the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker, are Mexicue on Water in the FiDi and Kimchi Taco Truck and Rickshaw on Hudson in SoHo. Also, take note that Sweetery won't be out today because it's in some TV pilot.

Tribeca Taco Truck Is An Elusive Source Of Mexican

This week I became the taco hunter. This role isn’t as exciting as it sounds, and mostly involved trying to catch the Tribeca Taco Truck parked in its spot on Broadway (btw. Prince & Spring) in SoHo. The problem is that the truck isn’t always out and two other times I went up there my mobile source of Mexican was nowhere to be found. Then I saw a Twitter post from the truck and knew that my quest was over.

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Deals On Pasta, Lani Kai: We have a twofer today in the deals department. There are a few different deal options on Blackboard Eats for the Maiden Lane location of Hello Pasta including $10 for $20 worth of food. And the normally out of ML price range Lani Kai in SoHo has a deal on BuyWithMe for $10 worth of food for $20.

Rickshaw Breaks Out Chili Sesame Noodles: It's Wednesday, and that means a bunch of trucks are in the FiDi, according to the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker. Also, you can get a free dessert of cinna-naan today at Hot Clay Oven when you buy a meal. Wafels & Dinges is on Wall St. and has a cart on Greenwich in Tribeca, Korilla BBQ is on Front and Bian Dang is on Water. Rickshaw is on both Wall St. and in SoHo on Hudson with those chili sesame noodles. Frites N Meats is on Hudson with a Maker's Mark bourbon burger.

On A Three-Item Menu, The Italian Sausage Sandwich At Dominic’s Is the Way To Go

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that Dominic’s Truck was parked in the same spot every day on Whitehall (nr. Water) serving cheese steaks and Italian sausages and that’s about it. I asked you lunch’ers if it was worth a shot, and you said yes (although not if it’s a long hike). On a day when a nice greasy lunch that would likely give me heartburn sounded good, I headed down to see what Dominic was cooking up and just how much his food would set me back.

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PROFILE: Downtown Lunch’er “Craig”

As is customary here on Midtown Lunch, every Tuesday we’ll profile a different lunch’er and get their recommendations for places to eat in Downtown NYC. This week, we have recently-transplanted lunch’er Craig who is burger crazy, and is slowly ticking lunches off his list during his time downtown.

 width=Name: Craig W.

Occupation: Consultant

Where you work: Big 4 accounting firm

Age: 22

Favorite Kinds of Food: Anything artery clogging, especially burgers and fries.

Least Favorite Foods: Seafood and sushi.

Favorite Lunches Downtown: Adrienne’s Pizza Bar on Stone St. (nr. Hanover) for an old-fashioned pie with pepperoni; Sophie’s Cuban (Multiple Locations) for the roast pork meal with yellow rice and black beans, covered in amounts of the accompanying green sauce that make your coworkers say, “Are you sure you need that much?” It’s lunchtime gluttony at its finest.; Goodburger on Maiden (at Gold) for  a third-pounder classic cooked medium rare with bacon, cheese, fried onions and ketchup; Sam’s Falafel cart on Cedar (nr. Broadway) for a falafel sandwich with hummus, baba gannouj, fried eggplant, fried onion, lettuce, tomato and tahini; Wafels & Dinges truck on Wednesdays for a liege with Nutella, banana, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Delmonico’s if I’m not paying.

The “go-to” lunch place you and your co-workers eat at too often: At the moment I’m two blocks away from a Goodburger, and I have a really hard time going to the Hale & Hearty across the street with my health-conscious coworkers when I can smell those juicy third-pounders.  I’ve only been based out of this office for a few weeks now and am still exploring the mind-boggling plethora of options downtown, but for now I’m gonna have to go with Goodburger for my burger addiction.  It’s definitely not the best burger I’ve had, but I have to give it the title of my favorite chain/fast-food burger.  Everyone’s on the Shack Shack train except for me, and I’m not a fan of Five Guys. This new brand of quality meat cooked thin and well done will just never cut it for me.  Sophie’s Cuban has also been a once-a-week favorite.  You can’t beat the amount of delicious food you get for $10, or the instant food coma that ensues.

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Taim Mobile Has Harissa Falafel Today: There are several options for you SoHo lunch'ers today, according to the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker, including Taim Mobile on Hudson with the recently ML-approved harissa falafel. Korilla BBQ is on Varick and Rickshaw is on Hudson. In the FiDi, Big D's Grub Truck is on Hanover.