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On A Three-Item Menu, The Italian Sausage Sandwich At Dominic’s Is the Way To Go

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that Dominic’s Truck was parked in the same spot every day on Whitehall (nr. Water) serving cheese steaks and Italian sausages and that’s about it. I asked you lunch’ers if it was worth a shot, and you said yes (although not if it’s a long hike). On a day when a nice greasy lunch that would likely give me heartburn sounded good, I headed down to see what Dominic was cooking up and just how much his food would set me back.

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Dominic’s Cheese Steak & Sausage Truck: Worthy Of A Downtown Lunch Or Not?

The last couple of times I’ve been in the lower part of the FiDi there’s been the Dominic’s truck selling Italian sausages and (more importantly) cheese steaks on Whitehall (nr. Water). I haven’t tried it yet, and I thought I’d throw it out to you guys to see if anyone can tell me it’s worth eating at. In other words, is it worth venturing past the Trinidad & Tobago Cart and All American Diner I & II Truck parked nearby?