On A Three-Item Menu, The Italian Sausage Sandwich At Dominic’s Is the Way To Go

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that Dominic’s Truck was parked in the same spot every day on Whitehall (nr. Water) serving cheese steaks and Italian sausages and that’s about it. I asked you lunch’ers if it was worth a shot, and you said yes (although not if it’s a long hike). On a day when a nice greasy lunch that would likely give me heartburn sounded good, I headed down to see what Dominic was cooking up and just how much his food would set me back.

There’s only one guy working the truck (Dominic, I presume?) and he’s good at multi-tasking. He essentially has only three things on the “menu” of which there isn’t one posted. There’s the cheese steak and hot or sweet Italian sausage (all $7.50) and hot dogs. The guy behind me in line ordered a hot dog and then told me that since it’s cooked on the same grill as everything else it tastes like an Italian sausage for less calories. Now that’s a diet I can get behind! He also has a pile of onions and peppers going on the grill that get shoveled onto pretty much everything, as well as ketchup, barbeque sauce or hot sauce if you desire.

I went with the hot Italian sausage with onions and peppers on  it. The sausage is the kind that comes in a coil that he cooks on the flat top and then chops off two pieces to fill the hero-sized roll (which he warms by placing on top of the cooking sausage). The sausage wasn’t necessarily spicy despite its reddish hue, but it was tasty when I got a bite of that that wasn’t obscured by the peppers and onions. And there were a few bites in the middle of the sandwich that were only peppers and onions where the first piece of sausage ended and the next one began.

Like a couple of you guys said, the cheese steak isn’t the usual variety. I saw him cooking one and it was a really thin piece of steak that he cooked on the grill and then put on a bun with the peppers and onions and some cheese. It’s the same price as the sausage sandwich so if a steak sandwich sounds good to you it’s a pretty good deal.

Th sausage and peppers was solid sandwich and if you eat the whole thing you’ll definitely be full. I agree with you lunch’ers though that it’s probably not walking more than five minutes for.

Dominic’s Cheese Steak & Italian Sausage Truck, Whitehall St. nr. Water



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    What’s the best philly down here now? There was a cart down around Old Slip about 10 years ago that had the best philly’s I’ve ever had. He would put some spice on right before he gave it to you (it might have been old bay).

    • This statement is an oxymoron. The best Philly Cheesesteak has Old Bay on it? I think not.

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      The best “real” cheesesteak in the FiDi is Carl’s, without a doubt. They’re on seamlessweb and deliver.

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        are they just like the carl’s in midtown? I’m not a fan of that one. bun’s not toasted and the steak tastes like it’s been microwaved/steamed due the to the wrap job. I like mine cooked on a griddle with all the drippings and crispy bits.

        There’s an old-school cart in Hanover Sq opposite the banh mi cart that has cheesesteaks i think. Anyone try that one?

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        Yes, it’s the same as the midtown Carl’s.

        They do cook on a griddle and god knows it’s greasy. It does suffer from being wrapped up and delivered, though, I’ll give you that.

        Not all the real philly steak shops toast the buns, so that’s not a requirement for being authentic, but I could see it being tasty.

      • I was very disappointed with every aspect of Carl’s.

  • thanks for posting this. i work right nearby but always avoided it because (i) there are no prices and (ii) how often do I really need an Italian heart attack on a bun?

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