Tribeca Taco Truck Is An Elusive Source Of Mexican

This week I became the taco hunter. This role isn’t as exciting as it sounds, and mostly involved trying to catch the Tribeca Taco Truck parked in its spot on Broadway (btw. Prince & Spring) in SoHo. The problem is that the truck isn’t always out and two other times I went up there my mobile source of Mexican was nowhere to be found. Then I saw a Twitter post from the truck and knew that my quest was over.

You can spot the turquoise truck from a block away and there was a line when I got there just after prime lunch time. Most of the trucks that park in SoHo (other than those of the cupcake or fro-yo variety) congregate on Hudson or Varick, so it’s smart of this one to fill a void. The Calexico carts are somewhat nearby but always have insane waits for food. I got mine within 10 minutes and dare I say the food is on par with that of Calexico?

I’ve eaten a lot of tacos lately so for variety I got a nopales (grilled cactus) taco with spicy mango sauce ($3) and a chorizo burrito ($6). The menu options are almost too overwhelming: burritos, tacos, quesadillas and platters with six ore more different filling options each. And there are three different shell options for the tacos, although the default seems to be soft corn. And then there are seven sauces to choose from…

Before wrapping up the burrito or packaging the tacos they do something kind of great, which is ask what you want in and on them. I got everything in the burrito which is yellow rice, black beans, lettuce, tomato and American cheese, and I chose salsa verde (Peruvian style) as my sauce.

I liked the size of this burrito. It was big enough to fill you up, but not quite the behemoth that comes from Chipotle and the price was right too. The filling was mostly chorizo and rice and the cheese was all down in the bottom. I couldn’t really taste the salsa verde but I think it just mixed in with everything else.

The nopales taco was a decent size and thankfully they give you two tortillas. Mostly all I could taste in this one was the spicy mango sauce I chose to put on it, but the cactus was a nice antidote to the chorizo grease in the burrito.

If you work near Broadway & Spring and see this truck parked there, I highly recommend you change your lunch destination to here because the next time you crave Mexican they might leave you high and dry.

Tribeca Taco Truck, Broadway btw. Spring & Prince, on Twitter



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