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We Revisit Wok to Walk and Find Something to Love

When Wok to Walk opened, we were meh about it despite a nifty format. With Asian options galore elsewhere (such as, for example, literally right next door), it seemed something of a waste of time and money despite a fresh, visible preparation that involved afterburners. We got word from one of their brand people that the message was received, and they were sending an ops person to improve things a little bit. Can they raise above mediocre, under-utilized bacon or are we looking at an empty bottle of Johnnie Woker?
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If You Can’t Talk the Talk, Don’t Wok to Walk

Fast-casual: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the food blog Midtown Lunch. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new corporate-coined food terminology, to seek out cheap food and restaurants, to boldly eat where no one has eaten before. Our mantra (which I just paraphrased) or Prime Directive (stay undercover, do not reveal you’re from the internet, and be honest) is constantly in play. When Wok to Walk came in out of nowhere to eat up half of Roll & Go’s space, an eyebrow was raised. Now that it’s open, it’s time to see if the assembly-line construction of fast-cas food (think Chipotle or similar cook-to-order assembly lines) can be applied tastily to Chinese food.
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Wok This Way to Wok to Walk’s First US Location

It looks like some action is taking place on the corner of 8th and 38th, even with its new addition still waiting to open. Wok to Walk, which looks like its concept is Chipotle/Baja Fresh’s assemble-to-order writ pseudo-pan-Asian, is opening its first US branch at 570 8th Ave soon. No word on opening date, but the global chain has its menu out there. Given that my wife can’t eat garlic I gotta hit them up solely because of fried garlic as a topping, but we’ll have to wait to see if what looks like a massive fried rice chain is worth it. I know I love me some pak choi. We’ll keep you posted!