Sweet Heaven brings Crepes and More Bubble Tea to Midtown West

Spotted en route to one of the better cheap Mexican carts anywhere, this bright splash of signage leaps out as you approach a unique junction of worst dollar slice pizza, best Japanese curry, and cheap delicious steam-table Chinese: Sweet Heaven has come down from on high to bring crepes, bubble tea, and shakes to 8th and 38th.

Looks like a pretty varied menu of crepes, both sweet and savory. Nothing on the bubble tea, but given that Lunch Box Buffet does it pretty well already, it could go either way. I for one am grateful they’ve got white chocolate as an option for any chocolate-bearing crepe.

Prices range around $4.99-$6.99 for the crepes, nothing yet on the other things. Still, I could see this being a good quick bite – a crepe and a bubble tea sounds like a fantastic eat-as-you-go combo. We’re gonna see what bubbles up from this big fresh pile of crepe when they open soon!


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